Ghosts, Haunts, And Paranormal Activity A Reality In World Of Real Estate

Ever wonder or feel like there’s a ghost or some other paranormal entity residing in your house?

Well, just in time for Halloween, your home can now be put through a certified haunted investigation to verify whether a ghost, ghosts, or an equally paranormal presence dwells within your walls — at least if you live in England.

According to London 24, a group of ghost experts, called the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society, are teaming up and lending their ghost hunting services to the U.K.’s “Biggest & Best Online Estate Agent,” House Network.

While this may make those that believe ghosts are nothing more than poppycock raise their eyebrows, or perhaps even furrow them and drop their monocle, hauntings and ghosts are a legitimate concern in both the English and U.S. real estate markets. House Network notes that houses believed to be haunted by ghosts or other paranormal entities take a serious hit in value, with even just one ghost thought to be haunting a place dropping that house’s price by an average of 20 percent from its market value.

But enter the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society, a house can be put to the haunted test, and if certified “ghost free,” have its haunted stigma removed, and value regained.

Haunted house

The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society will be checking potentially haunted houses upon request, searching the targeted abodes for ghosts and other “supernatural activity.”

Ghost searching, and seeking to find out whether a house is bubbling with paranormal activity or is ghost free, will include interviewing the current owners of the residence as well as setting up ghost searching equipment such as, but not limited to, recorders and cameras.

The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society is plenty experienced and well equipped to pursue ghosts and other haunts, and you may even have seen them on the popular ghost hunting shows My Ghost Story and Ghost Adventures, or on the Travel Channel, Living TV, or the BBC.

Below, in a video titled How To Tell If Your House Is Haunted, ghost hunter and lead paranormal investigator, Barri Ghai, conducts what seems to be a pretty straightforward ghost hunt and search for other haunts. The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society lead hoped to give the kindly home seller a “Ghost-Free Certification.”

According to Mark Readings, CEO of House Network, providing a home with a “Ghost-Free Certification” can provide both owner and seller peace of mind. At the same time, if evidence of something otherworldly does surface during a ghost hunt, it’s best morally and fiscally for the haunted facts to be known.

“We’re always looking for ways to go that extra step for our customers so we’re extremely proud to be the first estate agent in the world to launch a service like this. Peace of mind and transparency are two of the most important aspects of buying a house, we’re just extending these to the realms of the paranormal – after all a ghost is not just for Halloween! Although this service is designed to help our vendors show that worries about the paranormal are not a reason to be put off making an offer, and we’ll not be certifying homes as haunted, if something supernatural was found on an investigation sellers do have a moral obligation and duty of disclosure to inform prospective buyers of events that may affect the value of their property.”

In the United States, “stigmatized homes” are also a recognized factor in property value, and ghosts and other hauntings are included as possible stigmatizers.

According to the U.S. National Association of Realtors, along with murder, suicide, and other deaths, “hauntings and other paranormal activity” can also affect a home’s price, with “only 15 percent of potential homebuyers (that) would pay full market value for a psychologically impacted home.” And another 19 percent would push for a much higher discount.

Barri Ghai, for one, believes knowing whether or not you’re buying a house haunted with ghosts isn’t just a financial thing but also a sanity thing, as true ghosts and other paranormal activity can be truly terrifying.

“Potential buyers and homeowners should definitely be worried about the presence of a ghost in the property. A haunting can be truly terrifying and make everyday living situations highly stressful and uncomfortable. Reports of hauntings and cases of paranormal activity in homes is on the increase. We receive on average two or more reports a week from the public claiming that they may be sharing their home with a ghost.”

In the end, at least in the real estate business, ghosts, haunts and other paranormal activity are dealt with as reality.

Ghost hunter

“It is a nice feeling knowing for certain that your house isn’t haunted,” said Sheila Kingsley, a House Network client the first to take advantage of the ghost-hunting service. “It’s very reassuring.”

Have a ghost or other haunt in your house? Please let us know below.

[Images: Ghostfinder Paranormal Society / Facebook via Google Images]