Is Shia LaBeouf Battling Mental Illness?

As if his history of arrests can’t get any stranger, the details of Shia LaBeouf’s arrest Friday in Austin, Texas, have now taken things to a new level that some believe can only be explained by mental illness. It seems the actor claimed that he couldn’t be arrested because he was in the National Guard. First, it seems he was not in the Guard, and second, nothing stops the police from arresting those in the National Guard or any other branch of the service if they are breaking the law.

The Inquisitr reported that before LaBeouf was arrested on Friday, he was taunting the police after they warned him that they would arrest him if he didn’t stop. LaBeouf’s speech was slurred, and he was stumbling while trying to push his way into a bar that had denied him service for being drunk. It is unclear if there were drugs also involved, but the police confirmed they smelled liquor on his breath.

E! Online has referred to LaBeouf as “one strange dude,” which seems fitting given his recent behavior. It seems that he gets even stranger when alcohol is added to his basic condition. The police say that the longer they spoke to LaBeouf, the more aggressive he became.

“He became increasingly confrontational, aggravated, profane and verbally aggressive with [the officer] throughout the stop, calling him a ‘silly man’ three times,” according to the affidavit.

E! Online has previously reported that LaBeouf was supposed to go to rehab after his unexplained activity at a Broadway play where he jumped on stage, accosting actors, but instead he sought private outpatient alcohol treatment with no details.

“He understands that these recent actions are a symptom of a larger health problem and he has taken the first of many necessary steps towards recovery,” his rep said. “There will be no further comments made at this time.”

WebProNews is questioning whether LaBeouf has a drug problem, a drinking problem, a mental health problem or perhaps all three. When they examined his arrest history, all events, including a drunk driving accident that almost cost him his hand, have a hint of recklessness that suggests more than just too much drink.

“One of the strangest things Shia LaBeouf ever did was to show up at the Berlin Film Festival back in 2014, wearing a paper bag over his head. The bag was printed with the words, I am not famous any more.”

Breitbart News claims that LaBeouf intentionally tried to deceive police about military service to get sympathy and respect. He also made a claim after doing the movie Fury that he had actually joined the National Guard, which, again, isn’t true.

“The day I got the job, I joined the US National Guard. I was baptized – accepted Christ in my heart – tattooed my surrender and became a chaplain’s assistant to Captain Yates for the 41st Infantry,” he told Dazed magazine ten months ago. “I spent a month living on a forward operating base. Then I linked up with my cast and went to Fort Irwin.”

But then the truth came out, which, to some people, suggests either intentional deception or mental illness.

“The rumors are all fun, but at the end of the day you have a guy who’s a child actor and is seen and known for a body of work but happens to be the real deal,” Ayer told Esquire.

And ironically, LaBeouf is Jewish and was bar mitzvahed at 13. Many veteran’s groups are now up in arms about this history of LaBeouf’s lies about military service. LaBeouf is not a soldier, and only plays one for the movies.

Do you think LaBeouf will be penalized for lying about military service?

[Photo courtesy of Youtube]