Scott Disick Could Get His Own Show: Partying Father Caught Up In Contracts

Scott Disick was caught hanging out with a much younger woman on this week’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Of course, Scott had frequently rushed off to other destinations and partied with friends, but Kourtney had never seen him with another women. When this actually happened a few months ago, Kardashian was upset and clearly questioning her entire relationship with Scott.

And Scott Disick was supposedly suicidal and upset with his actions. Maybe he never thought that he would be caught by a photographer, who was snapping pictures of them feeding one another. These days, Disick appears to be doing just fine. He has moved into his own home and he continues to make appearances to put food on the table. But could another reality show be on the horizon?

According to a new Radar Online report, Scott Disick is rumored to be getting his own reality show. It is very possible that Kourtney doesn’t want Disick on the family’s reality show anymore, as he reportedly doesn’t have any respect for his children, Mason, Penelope and Reign. But Scott’s train wreck behavior may be golden for the producers at the E! Network, and they could possibly give him his own show.

Scott Disick KUWTK

Apparently, Scott has been “begging producers to keep him on the show and allow cameras inside his life as a single dad, raising Kourtney’s kids part-time.”

Scott “would be willing to do anything in order to stay a part of the KUWTK brand,” the source reveals, adding that he can’t just get booted from the franchise.

“Since he is already under contract with the show, if they are going to phase him out it has to be done in a way that fits into the existing contracts,” the source has said about Scott, adding, “Scott is frantic right now to save his contract because he is blowing through money and is terrified of being poor.”

Supposedly, the family has tried everything to cut Scott Disick out of the family’s show. But he is under contractual agreement, and he could very well be stuck with the family for some time. For Scott, this is great because he will continue to get paid. For Kardashian, it could be painful as he won’t be going away.

When Kourtney and Scott first split, Disick revealed that he will always find a way to make money. And maybe Scott was referring to the E! Network because he knew that he was under contract and had some money secured. Other sources claim that Scott is miserable without his family and has some serious regrets about everything that has happened over the past couple of months.

Scott Disick KUWTK

“He knows that he made a huge mistake and is now starting to see how miserable his life is without the Kardashians!” another source has revealed.

Of course, Disick can’t exactly disappear completely. Disick is still the father of his three children, and he does have the right to see them. Apparently, she isn’t eager to split the custody with Scott and may fear he will neglect his children when he sees them. Sources have said that he neglected them when they were at a bookstore recently. He allegedly didn’t take any interest in what they had to say, and he rushed them to find something so they could get out of the store and leave. And surely, this isn’t the behavior Disick had planned when he became a father. If Scott does get his own show, surely it won’t be about the children as he won’t see them as much. It may be about him putting back the pieces of his life.

What do you think of Scott Disick planning on getting his own show?

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