Former TNA Talent Discusses James Storm In WWE, Says Bobby Roode Could Be Next

ECW Original Taz, who previously worked in WWE and, more recently, had a gig doing color commentary for TNA, welcomed Mike Johnson of PWInsider to the October 13 episode of his podcast The Taz Show. The two men discussed current events in professional wrestling, devoting a substantial portion of their conversation to “Cowboy” James Storm’s recent appearance at the tapings for WWE NXT.

Johnson suggested that despite James Storm’s much-discussed appearance in WWE NXT, the TNA Original was still in negotiations for another run in TNA. Taz seemed to think that Storm returning to TNA is unlikely at this point, but he noted that there seemed to be some degree of confusion within TNA as to Storm’s status leading up to his NXT debut.

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“I talked to some people in TNA that were claiming, ‘He’s with us! He’s not going nowhere else!'” Taz said. “Next thing you know, he pops up and works an NXT show … You know the way WWE works. He’s not signed yet, from what I understand yet—Storm to the WWE—but he’s got to have some sort of a deal memo (as they call it) signed, some sort of a letter of intent, some sort of protection. They’re not just going to throw him on one of their shows into one of their rings…TNA would do that; WWE is not doing that.”

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As previously noted by Joe Burgett of Inquisitr, Storm was reportedly offered a pay increase by TNA even after he appeared at the WWE NXT event. Given TNA’s recent struggles with regard to a television deal and a lengthy history of gripes by talent regarding late checks and a dysfunctional front office, it’s entirely likely that a veteran performer like James Storm might ultimately regard WWE NXT as something of a greener pasture at this point in his career.

PWInsider‘s Mike Johnson noted that James Storm was in negotiations to work TNA’s forthcoming tour of India, implying that the strong likelihood of a permanent gig with WWE will put the kibosh on traveling overseas with Dixie Carter and company. He added that arrangements with WWE will likely be similar to the deal that Samoa Joe worked out in which he could honor some remaining independent obligations in the near future.

Taz spoke of James Storm’s skill and abilities with enthusiasm, saying that TNAs former main-eventer can go on to accomplish great things in WWE NXT and beyond. He also suggested that other big names from TNA could follow Storm into the company if everything goes well.

“I do think Storm has a great future and upside once he is locked down officially with WWE. I think he has that throwback feel with a new school feel,” Taz said of his former TNA comrade. “He’s a veteran yet he’s still in great shape and he’s got a ton left in his tank. I think he could do some cool stuff, eventually in NXT and in the main roster too, whenever they want to bring him up…You never know, you could see guys like Bobby Roode following through, leaving TNA, going [to WWE]. Another guy who’s plug and play, ready to go.”

Taz isn’t the only prominent voice in the wrestling industry to say that Bobby Roode would be a good fit in WWE. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently shared the same sentiments on his blog, as reported by 24 Wrestling. Ross hailed Bobby Roode as “a modern day Arn Anderson,” adding that Roode and his former Beer Money partner James Storm could do great things together if paired up in WWE NXT.

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