Adam Levine Bald Head Gets Guffaws From Blake Shelton & Twitter As Gwen Stefani Flaunts Fab Hairstyles [Photos]

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are more than fellow coaches on The Voice. The Maroon 5 singer and country crooner have a bromance going on that has resulted in nickname Shevine. But when Adam’s bro Blake saw Levine with his newly bald head, Shelton extended their usual humorous battle over the best contestants on The Voice into a battle of the hairstyle, reported the Huffington Post.

Although Adam made the decision to shave off his hair in the summer, the episodes of The Voice that premiered the newly bald Levine are being broadcast now. And that means viewers can enjoy Blake’s hilarious reaction to his bro buddy’s bare head.

Adam Levine flaunts bald head.

Shelton gave Adam un-loving nicknames ranging from Gandhi to Lex Luther, as well as amusing himself (and everyone except Levine) with some hairy jokes.

“It’s frustrating, isn’t it? I’ve bet you just been pulling your hair out about it, haven’t you?” teased Blake.

“Oh, that’s funny, is that a hair joke?” poked back Adam.

Social media enjoyed teasing Levine as well.

Levine and Blake also took to Twitter to taunt each other rather than stop with the bro brouhaha on The Voice.

“Thank goodness #Gandhi was there to help you make that decision, @gwenstefani #AdamsBald,” tweeted Shelton.

Adam pointed out that the hashtag “AdamsBald” wasn’t quite accurate.

“Excuse me. Lex Luthor was bald. I have ‘shaved’ my head. Meaning, shaved by choice. Big difference. Ok?!! Ok?!!”

Since shaving his hair by choice, Levine apparently decided it wasn’t the greatest decision. Just as when he went platinum bald in 2014, Adam has reverted to his standard hair style, although it will take awhile to see him on The Voice with his replenished hair.

Adam Levine went platinum blonde at one point in his hairstyle career

But Adam isn’t the only Voice coach to change hair styles. Levine may want to take a look at Blake’s shifting hairdos as well. Shelton has gone from below-the-shoulder curly tresses in 2004 to shoulder-length curls a year later, pointed out InStyle.

In 2006, Blake decided to do away with the mullet and went lean and clean for the Academy of Country Music Awards. Shelton went scruffy and fluffy in 2007, followed by variations between shorter and longer curls.

Blake Shelton rocked those long curls in the old days.

Shelton gradually went with shorter, tidier hair through the years, with his most sophisticated look in 2012.

Now Blake seems to have settled on a curly, above-the-shoulders style, although some followers on Twitter suggested that he follow Adam’s lead and try shaving his own head for a change.

But Shelton and Levine aren’t the only Voice coaches to have hairy variations. The Voice coach Gwen Stefani is proud of her own shifting hairstyles, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Gwen, 45, is so fond of hair changes that she even admits she sometimes go with faux finds.

“Nothing here is me. Everything is fake,” Stefani joked at one event.

Gwen Stefani decides that two colors double her beauty.

From ponytails to beautiful buns, Gwen has enjoyed variations on her ‘do. And just like Adam, Stefani is no stranger to shifting hair colors. She’s platinum blond one day, then bubble gum pink. And, of course, there’s that basic blue.

As for the color of Gwen’s real hair, Stefani has no idea, she claims.

“Um, who knows? I haven’t seen it since ninth grade,” laughed Gwen.

[Image Via NBC/The Voice]