Heather Dubrow Says Brooks Ayers Faces The Terry Phone Call Lie At ‘RHOC’ Reunion, Shannon Beador Adds Vicki Lied With Brooks

According to Heather Dubrow, viewers will see Brooks Ayers being confronted about lying that he once called her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, for advice and help with a bad reaction to chemotherapy. On Monday night, as The Real Housewives of Orange County season 10 finale episode aired, Heather addressed Brooks’ supposed phone call to Terry via Twitter.

The season finale showed Tamra Judge’s baptism and subsequent baptism party. At the party, Heather, to Shannon Beador and Meghan King Edmonds, said that she heard a rumor that Vicki Gunvalson has told people, including her daughter, Briana Culberson, that when Brooks was going through chemotherapy, he once suffered a reaction in the middle of the night so severe that he called Terry for help and that Terry then sent over one of his colleagues to Vicki’s house to give Brooks an IV. Shannon replied that Vicki told her that same story. Heather quickly revealed that the story is a lie. Terry came over and confirmed that the phone call never happened.

“If that were to happen, you would send him to the emergency room. There’s no such thing as that happening. Brooks has never called me feeling sick.”

Heather then confronted Vicki about telling the story. Vicki acted confused and said that she may not have been around the time Brooks had his bad reaction.

As the scene aired, in response to a blogger who expressed surprise at this new story, Heather tweeted that it was discussed prior to the party but that scene was cut out. Perhaps Heather was filmed finding out about what Vicki was telling people and then asking Terry about it? Perhaps Heather and Terry has even confronted Brooks about it but the scene was left on the cutting room floor?

In response to someone who said that she hopes Brooks is asked about this lie at the upcoming season 10 reunion show, Heather said that he was.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Andy Cohen taped an hour-long interview with Brooks prior to filming the reunion show with the housewives. Andy’s interview with Brooks will be aired during the reunion show.

In her BravoTV.com blog, Shannon Beador called Vicki out for feigning ignorance. She said that Vicki was most certainly in Orange County with Brooks the time his bad reaction supposedly happened.

“I was quite surprised to hear Terry Dubrow say that he never sent a colleague over to Vicki’s home to administer an IV after Brooks had his first chemo treatment in October. I called Vicki to see how Brooks was feeling after his first chemo and she told me this story…When Heather asks Vicki about it, she responds that she may have been out of town. She wasn’t.”

During her Watch What Happens Live appearance a few weeks ago, Heather Dubrow questioned why Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers only showed Tamra Judge the results of his supposed PET/CT scan. In that scene, Vicki and Brooks showed Tamra a paper that they said were the results of his recent PET/CT scan. They told Tamra that the paper shows that he has abdominal inflammation because of his cancer recurrence. Vicki asked Tamra to vouch to the other women that she has seen medical proof of Brooks’ cancer. Tamra later admitted to the camera that she couldn’t really do that since she didn’t understand what was in front of her.

Heather suggested on Watch What Happens Live that Vicki and Brooks only showed Tamra the paper on purpose because they knew the others would question and dissect it more.

“I will say that I’m married to a doctor…Shannon goes to a lot of doctors. Meghan has been in the medical field. I mean, choosing Tamra was an odd choice, or a specific choice.”

Despite Heather Dubrow’s prediction days prior to The Real Housewives of Orange County season 10 reunion show that she won’t be seated next to Vicki Gunvalson, she actually was. Viewers may very well see Heather and Vicki get into a very heated argument, just inches away from one another, over the Terry Dubrow phone call when the reunion show airs.

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