Chris Brown Denies ‘Sorry’ Is About Rihanna, Says New Track Was Meant For Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown may not be on speaking terms with ex-girlfriends Karrueche Tran and Rihanna, but after Brown dropped his collaborative track with Rick Ross last week, titled “Sorry,” fans have been speculating regarding whether or not it was Rihanna who inspired Brown’s sorrow-filled single.

Brown took to Instagram last week to announce the new track, telling fans that it is by far his most honest song to date.

While there are several references to Brown’s former relationship with Karrueche Tran in the track, some fans have pointed out that Brown could be apologizing to Rihanna for his domestic assault on her in 2009, as well.

In “Sorry,” Brown sings about blaming an ex-girlfriend for their relationship woes, but recognizes that he was the one who ultimately caused his ex to end their relationship for good.

“All this time I blamed you cause I know what I’m doing / Stabbing on your heart again, relationship ruined / I tried to change but I’m always out, f***ing around in the club / My worst nightmare went right in my back, I wish I could wake up / I feel like s***, know I ain’t s*** but I’m sorry.”

After days of speculation regarding whether or not Brown is attempting to rekindle his former relationship with Rihanna, sources close to Brown have spoken out against rumors that suggest “Sorry” was intended as an apology track towards Rihanna.

Chris Brown denies his new song "Sorry" is about Rihanna.

Chris Brown’s source explains to Urban Islandz that it was Rick Ross’ people who first reached out to Brown regarding the track, especially given his tumultuous relationship with Karrueche Tran, before noting that they felt Brown would be “the perfect guy” to communicate the meaning behind the song.

The insider explains that while there are a few lines in the track that could allude to his former relationship with Rihanna, the track was “definitely written” for Karrueche.

“[Chris and Karrueche] don’t talk right now but you would have to be a person with no heart not to be moved by a heartfelt joint like this,” the source explains of Brown’s intent to apologize to Tran via the new song.

While some fans are still holding out hope for a Chris Brown and Rihanna reunion in the future, Rihanna slammed the possibility in her cover story interview with Vanity Fair.

In the interview, Rihanna explains her decision to get back together with Chris Brown after the initial assault, and admits that she believed she could change his bad habits, despite Brown’s constant disrespect to their relationship.

While Rihanna admits that she doesn’t hate Chris Brown and that she will “care about him until the day [she dies],” Rihanna explains that she and Brown “don’t have much of a relationship” following their split in 2013.

In regards to Brown and Karrueche Tran’s former relationship, which ended in March after Tran discovered via the media that Chris Brown had fathered a child with another woman, Tran has been adamant about distancing herself from Brown and his reputation.

In an interview with the BBC, Tran admits that she’s trying to distance herself from Chris Brown and is currently focusing on her acting and modeling career.

When asked how she deals with the constant negative attention on social media regarding her former romance to Brown, Tran admits that people often believe that she’s only famous because of her relationship with Chris Brown.

Despite rumors that Chris Brown and Karrueche may reunite in the future, Tran made a point to shoot down the rumors by insisting, “we’re not friends of anything like that at this point.”

What do you think of Chris Brown’s track, “Sorry,” being about Karrueche Tran rather than Rihanna?

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