Hugh Grant To Be A Dad Again: Fourth Child In Four Years Reportedly On The Way

Though it took decades before actor Hugh Grant took the leap into parenthood, it seems he is fully embracing it these days. Reports indicate that Grant is expecting his fourth child in just four years. What’s the scoop on this one?

Entertainment Tonight reveals that Hugh Grant’s new babe will be his second with girlfriend Anna Eberstein, a Swedish television producer. The couple welcomed son John Mungo Grant in 2012. Eberstein was recently spotted in London with what appeared to be a baby bump, and now sources are confirming that the couple is expecting again.

Grant’s path to fatherhood has been an unusual one. Though he dated model Elizabeth Hurley for about 13 years before the two split, they never had children together. Grant went on to have other romances, including a relationship with Jemima Khan that lasted for about three years. There had been rumors of an engagement, but ultimately they were said to have split amicably in 2007.

Many were shocked when after nearly five decades of remaining fairly commitment-free in terms of marriage or children, the actor welcomed daughter Tabitha with Tinglan Hong in September 2011. The two had reportedly started seeing one another after meeting at a bar in January 2011, details E! Online.

Hugh’s second child, his first with Eberstein, also came as a surprise. In fact, though the child was born in September 2012, Grant was not revealed as the father until after the child’s birth certificate was re-registered and he was added as the father. In the midst of all of this, Grant had reunited with Hong for a bit, and they welcomed son Felix in December 2012. That means the pregnancies for Hong and Eberstein overlapped for a bit.

Though Grant waited nearly five decades to become a father, it seems he is more than happy to embrace it now. Hugh commented in 2012 that having children changed his life, and he definitely recommended it, noted the Daily Mail. As of early 2014, Grant, Eberstein and Hong all lived in close proximity to one another, and it seems he is quite involved in each of the children’s lives.

Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein expecting again

As Us Weekly details, Grant and Eberstein are said to be quite close, though anything beyond that seems to be unconfirmed. The due date of this fourth baby has not yet been revealed, nor has Grant confirmed the news himself. Despite the seemingly complicated dynamics, within a matter of months, a new son or daughter will be joining Tabitha, 4, Felix, 2, and John Mungo, 3.
Known primarily for films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones, and About a Boy, Grant has been busy in the industry for decades now. He has a busy acting career, but Hugh has talked many times in the past about leaving the entertainment industry. As the Daily Mail noted some years ago, Grant has considered quitting acting many times, and he seemingly deals with a fair amount of stage fright at times.

Despite his numerous threats about quitting acting, Grant continues to work on new projects. Though he has definitely slowed down a bit in recent years, Hugh was part of the cast of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. with Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, and Alicia Vikander that was released this past summer. He has another film currently in post-production as well.

Many are definitely talking about the news that Hugh Grant reportedly has a fourth child on the way, especially considering the circumstances about the timing of the four kids. However, the actor had made it clear over the years that he does things his own way and doesn’t get too wrapped up in the gossip or buzz over what’s happening in his life.

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