Water Balloon Fight Charges Filed After Man Kicks Child

It’s all fun and games until old Joe gets hit with a water balloon and starts punching children.

Police in Pennsylvania arrested 33-year-old Joe Mongeon on assault charges after a water balloon fight got out of control. According to WNEP.com, Mongeon attacked a nine-year-old boy, as well as the boy’s mother, after he was hit with a water balloon.

But this wasn’t some rogue attack. Mongeon wasn’t caught by surprised by some elaborate water balloon ambush. According to Kansas.com, Mongeon started the water balloon fight. But after the 9-year-old boy got the upper hand, Mongeon decided to use his adult strength and get revenge.

Mongeon reportedly kicked and punched the boy. When his mother ran over to intervene, he turned his attack on her.

Scranton Police Captain Carl Graziano said:

“It is definitely unusual, and definitely disturbing that an adult would attack a nine-year-old child, kick him to the ground, and then attack the mother that comes to intervene and help her child.”

Mongeon was charged with assault and harassment. He is expected to appear in court in a few weeks. The boy’s mother said that she will be in court to make sure that Mongeon gets punished for harming her child.