Loxahatchee, Florida: Three Slaughterhouses Under Animal Cruelty Investigation For Selling Horse Meat For Consumption, Sacrifices, And Black Magic

A huge animal cruelty investigation is currently underway in Loxahatchee, Florida, after a raid on three slaughterhouses in the area. Numerous dead animals have been confirmed to be on the scene, and it’s reported that the slaughter farms are killing horses and then selling the meat in major operations.

According to WPTV, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has indeed confirmed they are working with Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control in the investigation. The animal cruelty case is spawning over three farms in the Loxahatchee area.

The organization known as Animal Recovery Mission issued a release stating that the police on the scene performed a raid on three animal slaughter farms and horse meat operations.

Katie Johnson of WPTV posted on her Facebook page to detail what was happening with the police on the scene around noon ET on Tuesday.

“HAPPENING NOW: Dir. of PBC Animal Care and Control, Diane Suave, just arrived at Rancho Garcia.

Won’t comment on investigation underway right now at three Loxahatchee area farms.

According to Animal Recovery Mission (ARM), the farm owners have been slaughtering horses to sell their meat.

I’m told there are dead animals on the property right now.”

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office is currently serving warrants at the slaughterhouses, and there have been some confirmed arrests, as well.

Not a lot is known at the time, and a press conference is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. The PBSO has advised that the farm locations are illegally slaughtering horses and selling “their meats for human consumption.”

The Animal Recovery Mission states that there has been an undercover investigation has been going on for six months now. This investigation revealed that the slaughterhouses are, indeed, in the underground horse meat trade.

loxahatchee florida horse meat

Local 10 reports that the arrests were of the slaughterhouse owners and employees. It was the largest tactical strike on extreme animal cruelty operations in the history of the United States.

One of the owners has been identified as Jorge Garcia, who ran Rancho Garcia. Customers have been heading to Loxahatchee from the Miami area for decades now. Garcia goes to animal auctions and looks on Craigslist for horses to purchase.

loxahatchee florida animal cruelty raid

Garcia has also been accused of selling the animals for numerous other reasons that may be quite confusing to some. Reports states that Garcia has been selling the horses for black magic and sacrificial purposes.

Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) said that some of their investigators actually witnessed Garcia’s actions and captured footage of it. Descriptions of the footage were released by ARM.

“… selling large amounts of horse meat, violently stabbing pigs in the heart and boiling them alive, slitting throats of goats and rams before hoisting them by their hind legs then skinning them alive, and brutally stomping on ducks, slitting their throats and drowning them in their own blood.”

There is also a section of Garcia’s farm that has been used to run a puppy mill, where dogs are bred and sold.

Another location raided and shut down on Tuesday was G.A. Paso Finao. This property is owned by Orlando Guzman and has been used for the training, breeding, and selling of horses for slaughter.

Horse meat has been supplied by this farm to be sold on the black market in the Loxahatchee and greater Wellington area for decades now. Chickens, pigs, and goats have been also been tortured and slaughtered on the farm. Cock fighting was also taking place.

The puppy mill at the second location had dogs in very small cages that were covered with rust and excrement, and there was no water available.

A third slaughterhouse called Medina Farm was also raided on Tuesday. This farm is legally incorporated, but owner “Jay” and employee “Jose” have been illegally slaughtering and torturing animals on their farm for dozens and dozens of years.

Authorities have detailed many of the horrible situations happening on the third farm.

“ARM investigators have witnessed and documented extreme acts of animal cruelty such as, slitting goat’s necks while they are restrained on their backs, forced to suffocate in their own blood, as well as slitting and severing the throats of cows with extremely dull blades before hoisting them by their hind legs and skinning them alive, often dragging out their death for over 20 minutes.”

Medina Farm has a customer base that is reported to largely consist of Muslims. Many of the customers have bought animals to be slaughtered for ritualistic sacrifice and human consumption.

The large raid in Loxahatchee, Florida, due to the animal cruelty investigation, may not have all of the information revealed yet, but it’s already been a lot. The three farms shut down have been doing work for over three decades, and the investigation is going to be a lengthy one.

[Images via Getty Images — Rob Kim & Katie Johnson — Facebook /Animal Recovery Mission]