UConn Mac ‘N’ Cheese Video Gets Luke Gatti Arrested: Drunk College Student Apologizes For Tirade

Luke Gatti has become slightly infamous for his UConn mac ‘n’ cheese video, which showed the drunk student ranting at a food service supervisor. Looking back now, Gatti feels ashamed by his actions and is publicly apologizing on video for his viral tirade.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the UConn mac ‘n’ cheese video has already been seen millions of times. Fellow UConn students filmed Luke Gatti being incredibly rude to cafeteria manager Dave Robinson during a nine-minute standoff. The teen even realized he was being filmed and played to the camera.

“This is getting posted somewhere and you’re gonna look like a f****** tool. You are a f****** f*g… I don’t understand. UConn police is not going to come for this.. Just let me get some mac and cheese.”

The reason that Gatti was denied his mac ‘n’ cheese was because he was obviously drunk despite being only 19 years of age. When Robinson tells the teen that his actions are rude and unnecessary, Luke turns to his fellows students and asks if it’s alright to drink alcohol in the cafeteria. Despite receiving a chorus of negative replies, Gatti continues his rampage.

“You are not welcome here,” the manager tells him. “You have booze on your breath. You are underage, I just saw you drinking in front of me. Now please leave.”

If you watch the UConn mac ‘n’ cheese video, you can see that the altercation turns into a fight. Even though multiple people stepped in, Luke Gatti seemed intent on starting a drunken college brawl at the Union Street Market in Storrs. Eventually, one of the cooks managed to grab Gatti and pin him to the ground with a wrestling hold.

“I told you, you don’t touch my boss,” he says.

When police arrive, they promptly arrested Luke Gatti and charged him with various crimes. At this point, Gatti must have realized his mistake, since he began crying, “F***! I’m absolutely f***ed!” But he still made matters worse, because he proceeded to spit upon Dave Robinson as a parting shot.

Fast forward a week later, and the Uconn mac ‘n’ cheese incident has Luke Gatti adopting a very apologetic tone in his latest video release. The no-longer-drunk college student appears calm as he offers his apology to the way he treated Robinson.

“I want to start by apologizing to all the staff involved in my incident, especially the manager. He was just doing his job. He gave me so many chances to walk away. And I didn’t listen to him. No one deserves to be treated that way, like ever,” Gatti says in the YouTube video. “At the time I was, to say the least, very intoxicated.”

Luke says he was shocked when he first saw the infamous Uconn mac ‘n’ cheese video.

“I was just watching it and saying, ‘Oh, my God, like what the hell is wrong with me?'” he said.

Besides apologizing, Gatti offered a partial rationalization for his behavior, explaining that was suffering from personal problems. Still, he considers the whole incident a “wake-up call” for his life.

The teen’s father, Vincent Gatti, also says the family is “fearful of how terribly out of control this has gotten.” Based upon the popularity of the original video, the family has “been hit with a barrage of yelling, screaming, cursing, obnoxious, horrible, hateful, spiteful people berating me and my son for screaming and cursing and berating a stranger. There’s been a world full of people doing exactly what my son did and feeling justified in doing so.”

“He’s a kid that made a bad mistake,” Vincent said, according to the Hartford Courant. “My son was wrong and feels terrible about this.”

Luke Gatti was supposed to be in court on Tuesday, October 13, but they have filed for a continuance. He faces charges of breach of peace and criminal trespass.

What do you think about the UConn student’s apology?

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