‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Maya And Nicole Get Emotional, Wyatt Worries About Ivy

There is more drama ahead on Tuesday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers indicate that viewers will see more from Nicole and Maya regarding the big request that came out over the last couple of episodes. In addition, Steffy’s job offer to Ivy is shaking things up in multiple relationships. What is slated to go down in the October 13 show?

Rick and Maya have approached Nicole about being a surrogate for them so they can start a family together. Though Nicole has not yet made a decision either way, she is considering it, and She Knows Soaps details that Nicole and Maya have an emotional discussion about the situation on Tuesday’s episode.

Though Nicole’s emotional confrontation toward Maya kicked off the show’s big transgender storyline several months ago, the two sisters have made great strides in repairing their relationship. The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler preview for Tuesday’s show reveals just how close they are now and why Nicole is willing to do something so big for Maya.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry details, however, Maya will worry that this is simply too big a favor to ask. Nicole is young and is just finding her footing both at work and in a romance with Zende, but she is not going to say no yet. Teasers for the week indicate that there are definitely complications ahead as Zende learns what Nicole is considering doing right on the cusp of their first kiss.

Also ahead on Tuesday’s show, Wyatt will face some insecurities or doubts as Ivy embraces her new role at Forrester Creations. Though Steffy offered up the lingerie modeling as a way to intimidate Ivy, the gig seemingly will lead to some newfound confidence. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that Ivy will make a comment in this episode that plants some seeds of worry for Wyatt.

Though Ivy has most definitely moved on from Liam to Wyatt, teasers reveal that Wyatt will face some worries that Ivy still isn’t entirely over Liam. Wyatt will be lending his support to Ivy in this episode, but will he mention the hesitation he has about her ability to move on from her ex and his brother?


As for Liam, he has been a bit taken aback by Steffy’s latest move. The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler preview for the October 13 episode share that he will try to talk with Steffy about it all at home, but she tries to shut down the conversation. Though Liam may have concerns over Steffy pushing Ivy too far, Steffy is standing her ground on this one.

Though there is a little break here in the action regarding Caroline, Ridge, and Thomas, the show will circle back to this storyline on Wednesday’s show. Ridge pressured Thomas to leave town, and he’s not ready to back down yet. However, neither Brooke nor Steffy will watch this all go down without some suspicions and concerns.


Will Nicole set aside her blossoming romance with Zende to carry a child for Maya and Rick? Teasers indicate that Maya and Nicole’s parents will soon be returning to town, and this certainly has the potential to shake up this surrogacy idea.

Will Steffy back down on her approach to bringing Ivy back into the fold at Forrester Creations? She may have thought she came up with the perfect plan, but she will continue to receive pushback on this as the week plays out. There is plenty more drama ahead on The Bold and the Beautiful as the week continues, and viewers cannot wait to see what comes next.

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