Jennifer Connell, 54, Sues 8-Year-Old Nephew For $127,000 For Jumping In His Aunt’s Arms: Now 12, Sean Tarala Is Confused

sues nephew

The headline sounds like satire when readers learn that 54-year-old Jennifer Connell is suing her own nephew, Sean Tarala. Sean was only 8-years-old when, at his birthday party that year, he got excited upon seeing his aunt and jumped into her arms. That was four years ago, and the now-12-year-old sat in court confused — wondering why his own aunt would sue him for $127,000 — especially after his mother has died. The fact that Connell, Sean’s Upper East Side aunt, as reported by the New York Daily News, is suing her own nephew isn’t sitting well with the online public.


Not to be confused with actress Jennifer Connelly, this Jennifer is making headlines from folks sharing the articles about her lawsuit aplenty online — and likely checking Snopes and Gossip Cop for the veracity of the story.

suing nephew

Jennifer is a human resources manager who hails from Manhattan, and says that her nephew’s exuberant leap into her arms ended up breaking her wrist four years ago, and claims that she’s suing Sean for $127,000 in order to teach Tarala a lesson. Instead, Connell is the one learning the lesson due to the backlash that the case has brought her, with folks calling Jennifer heartless and greedy for suing her own nephew. Especially since Sean didn’t break his aunt’s wrist on purpose — but he did it inadvertently because he was happy to see his aunt on his birthday.

” ‘Auntie Jen, Auntie Jen’. All of a sudden he was there in the air, I had to catch him and we tumbled on to the ground, I remember him shouting, ‘Auntie Jen I love you,’ and there he was flying at me.”

Apparently, those professions from an 8-year-old child out of love weren’t enough to keep Auntie Jen from suing him, and dragging him into court with his father, Michael, after Sean’s mother — Lisa — died.

However, Jennifer claims that the broken wrist she suffered after the then 50-pound, 8-year-old boy jumped into her arms after jumping off of his new bike has made her life very difficult. Connell says she didn’t tell her now-12-year-old nephew that his then hug broke her wrist that day, according to the Guardian, because she didn’t want to ruin his birthday. Yet, some folks say Jennifer is ruining his life instead of helping him by suing him now at such a young age. Jennifer begs to differ, however, saying that he lawsuit will teach Sean something about being responsible.


As expected, Jennifer is being called the world’s worst aunt for not simply forgiving the boy, recognizing it was an accident, and moving forward with her life instead of trying to take him for $127,000 with his dad as Sean sat in court. As reported by the Daily Mail, Connell sounds pretty obtuse for saying that the break to her wrist means she can’t hold a plate of snacks — actually, she has a hard time holding hors d’oeuvre — as she normally could before the break.

Jennifer is asking six members of the Superior Court to find her 12-year-old nephew responsible for his 8-year-old actions of exuberance, reports the CT Post. On the surface, responsibility lessons are claimed, but looking deeper, one wonders if Connell is really going after the father for some unspoken reason. Being a widower, Michael would surely expect sympathy, not a lawsuit directed at his son. It was the morning of March 18, 2011, when Sean pedaled his two-wheel bike around the house as the 8-year-old saw his aunt and left his new bike to greet Connell. Jennifer claims that her nephew, from Westport, acted unreasonably by jumping into her arms.

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