Donald Trump Protest: Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Visit Outside Las Vegas Hotel

During a labor protest on Monday afternoon, just outside of the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, Hillary Clinton made a surprise visit to blast Donald Trump, alongside hotel workers and activists fighting for unionization.

The Huffington Post reports that Clinton, who is in Las Vegas for the Democratic presidential debate, joined hotel employees, along with the Culinary Workers Union Local 226, as they gathered to help take a stand against Trump’s refusal to unionize hotel workers. The crowd had no idea who the surprise guest would be but seemed genuinely appreciative as Clinton took the microphone to blast Trump for everything from his comments about immigrants and women to his business practices.

“Some people think Mr. Trump is entertaining. But I don’t think it’s entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women. That is just unacceptable behavior. When we’re here together in solidarity to organize, we also want to send a message to Mr. Trump: That if you’re going to run for president, then you should represent all the people of the United States, and that includes hard-working people.”

CNN reports that Clinton also drove home the fact that workers should have the right to join a union, which drew applause from a crowd of workers who’ve been fighting the battle to unionize for over a year. Maria Jaramillo, who has worked as a guest room attendant at the Trump International Hotel for six years, spoke to the crowd on behalf of the workers and was met with a hearty cheer when she demanded that equality “starts here.”

Despite the protest, Donald Trumps’ son, Eric Trump, an executive vice president of the Trump organization, stated that the majority of the workers at the hotel are happy. He also indicated that most hotel workers reject the idea of a unionization.

“For years the union in Las Vegas has been trying to unionize this hotel, and they have been incredibly unsuccessful. We have an incredible group of employees who have categorically rejected unionization.”

Regardless, the people who attended the event seemed determined to make a change for the hotel workers. Numerous activists peacefully marched with signs that red and blue signs that read, “No Contract, No Peace.” Clinton arrived at the event in a red button-down shirt that perfectly matched the crimson color of the union T-shirts worn by many protesters.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton joins activists outside of the Trump International Hotel, in Las Vegas.

Although Clinton was the only Democratic presidential candidate to arrive at the event, she’s hardly the first person to blast Trump outside of his own property. In August, the former governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, attended a similar event outside of the Trump International Hotel, where he blasted Trump’s actions while applauding those of the workers who are taking a stand.

“I want to say that all of these workers here have a lot more guts than the candidates running for president for the Republican nomination. They have the courage to stand up to the hate, to the division, to the sort of rhetoric that actually makes it harder for us to make our economy grow and work well for all Americans.”

Meanwhile, Trump is still the frontrunner of the presidential candidates, at least as far as leadership skills. The latest CBS News poll indicates that Trumps leads by a whopping 65% on his leadership skills, with Clinton trailing at 51 percent.

Donald Trump has yet to comment on Clinton’s recent appearance, but when asked earlier this year what he thought of O’Malley supporting a protest outside of the famous Las Vegas hotel, the real estate mogul simply shrugged and said the only thing he was impressed with was his “beautiful building.”

[Photos Courtesy of Joe Raedle/Getty Images]