'Cloaked' Mothership UFO Spotted Over Manipur, India, Sparks Debate -- Disc-Shaped UFO Real Or Photoshopped? [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

A "cloaked" mothership UFO was reportedly seen hovering over the capital city of Imphal in the northeastern state of Manipur in India last week. The disc-shaped UFO was spotted by boys at a students' hostel in Mantripukhri area of the city of Imphal.

The boys claimed they saw a translucent and disc-shaped UFO hovering over their neighborhood at around 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 7, 2015. The UFO appeared as a hovering disc-shaped mothership that blended with the clouds.

The photo above shows the cloaked UFO hovering in the sky over residential buildings in the neighborhood. The circular outlines of the UFO are visible, but large parts of the body are clear and translucent. Clouds and a rainbow in the backdrop are also visible through the UFO.

But some UFO bloggers have suggested the photo could have been photoshopped.

For instance, UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring expressed doubt about the authenticity of the photo, saying he was not able to determine whether the massive disc in the sky was real or photoshopped.

He drew attention to rectangular patches faintly visible on the side of the disc, saying that the patches which look like windows on the body of the disc raised suspicions about the authenticity of the image.

"Now it's difficult from just photos to determine if this is real... The disk above has white spots that look like windows or designs on it that is the only thing that makes me a bit suspicious about it."

But other analysts were skeptical and argued that the person could have been working with the photographer who photoshopped the UFO into the image.

A few analysts suggested that the UFO was a lenticular cloud. But most UFOlogists dismissed the suggestion, pointing out that the object looks clearly different from lenticular clouds that have been seen and photographed in the past.

Lenticular clouds are not known to be clear and translucent like the object shown in the photo.

UFO Sightings Hotspot reports further that on October 8, the day after the translucent UFO appeared in the sky over Imphal in India, skywatchers at the Ganden Monastery in Lhasa, Tibet, reported sighting a mysterious UFO flying in the night sky.

Skywatchers in Xinjiang and Tianjin provinces of China (see photos below) also reported sighting the UFO.

Although an expert explained that the alleged UFO was a spy satellite, UFO Sightings Hotspot suggested that the sightings in Tibet and Xinjiang were linked to the sighting in Manipur, India. The blog noted that the sightings occurred over a notorious UFO hotspot in the Himalayas along the disputed India-China border near Ladakh on the Indian side of the border, and Aksai Chin Lake on the Chinese side of the border (see map below).

UFO enthusiasts believe that there is an alien base in the Himalayas region due to frequent reports of UFOs coming from the mountains.

"Under the Himalayas is the biggest subterranean UFO base... a huge cavern system inhabited by the serpent race... they've expand up to Ural Mountains to Poland, even Austria. They will drill all the space under our feet..."

Conspiracy theory blogs claim that some years ago, Chinese scholars discovered mysterious ancient Sanskrit manuscripts in Lhasa. They sent the manuscripts to experts at Chandigarh University in Mohali, India, for translation.

Experts at the university reportedly said the manuscripts appeared to be instruction manuals for building spaceships equipped with exotic propulsion technologies.

Although skeptics have dismissed online reports about ancient manuscripts containing instructions about how to build interstellar spaceships as hoax, the story was circulated widely in the conspiracy theory blogosphere and many UFOlogists took it seriously as truth.

UFOlogists believe that the Chinese and Indian governments have secretly incorporated technical knowledge obtained from the ancient Sanskrit manuscripts into their space programs. It is claimed that secret ancient technology obtained from ancient manuscripts helped the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to accomplish on a shoestring budget and at first attempt the 2013 Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), also known as Mangalyaan.

UFO Sightings Hotspot concluded that the "cloaked" UFO spotted in India could also be the product of secret technology obtained from ancient Sanskrit manuscripts.

[Images via UFO Sightings Hotspot; UFO Sightings Daily]