Two Sisters Separated For Nearly 40 Years End Up As Nurses In Same Hospital, Same Floor [Video]

Some people are calling the story of sisters and nurses Holly Hoyle O’Brien and Meagan Hughes a miracle. As reported by Today, the two nurses recently discovered they indeed were the same long lost sisters who were separated approximately 40 years ago. With both O’Brien and Hughes being born in South Korea only two years apart, the sisters eventually ended up as orphans and apart from one another. When the big split occurred 40 years ago, neither Holly nor Meagan knew what became of the other. That would eventually change, but it would take decades, along with some heavenly serendipity.

Pok-nam Shin is the name that Holly was known by when Hoyle O’Brien was only a 5-year-old being pulled out of school by police. Back then, little Holly only wanted to know the location of her dad, a man who’d outlived Holly’s mother. O’Brien’s dad may have managed and owned a grocery store, but his trouble with drinking didn’t make him the ideal parent. During one of the evenings when Holly’s dad was fast asleep, her stepmom spirited away Eun-Sook, who was about 3-years-old at the time, and ran away.

Holly O'Brien

Holly was the one left to eventually identify her dad’s dead body after he was killed by a speeding train. She was also the one who ran away herself when the authorities weren’t watching Holly. As a result, she ended up in an orphanage, where her nursing career roots likely began as Holly took care of the younger kids in the orphanage. Those young kids looked up to Holly for taking care of them. Eventually, Holly would leave that orphanage as a 9-year-old in 1978 and end up in America.

Holly’s new home and parents landed her in Alexandria, Virginia. It was a blessing to reside in such a nurturing and loving place, but that doesn’t mean it was easy to adjust to the language and American culture, reports the Herald Tribune. At least she gained six brothers and three sisters to go along with her new life. That doesn’t mean Holly could escape the trauma of her dad’s death and the sister she’d left behind. When she woke up crying from a dream, she confessed what was haunting her.

“I said my daddy died, I have a sister, we need to find her.”

Little did Holly know that she was on the path to be reunited with her little sister, who eventually went by the name Meagan Hughes. Being the younger of the two sisters, Meagan didn’t remember her own mom or the orphanage in South Korea where she spent time. Hughes was also adopted by a family in the U.S., as reported by the Daily Mail.

Eventually, Holly’s prayers to find her sister were answered, and it took until the year that Holly turned 46 to have those long-awaited petitions come to life.

“I pray to God every day, ‘Please find [my] sister.’ And he did all the work.”


O’Brien got a job at Bayfront Health Port Charlotte, where she became a member of the medical surgical unit staff on the fourth floor. Within three months or so, Hughes would also begin working on the fourth floor as a physical therapy assistant.

After years of Holly’s mom trying to find Hughes through the orphanage where Meagan once resided – but found no luck of any record for Meagan ever living there or the names of the folks who adopted Hughes – the little girl once known as Eun-Sook Shin worked side-by-side as Meagan with her sister.

The women had an idea in their hearts they might be sisters, and only when Hughes and O’Brien confirmed it through DNA testing did they realize the miracle that they’d finally found one another.

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