Windows 10: Microsoft Update Promises More Features, Bug Fixes For Frustrated Users

Windows 10 has been both a blessing and a curse, depending on the user, but Microsoft’s newest update is hoping to address many of the issues users are still having with the program.

Windows 10 originally hit the market on July 29, 2015, and while there were many who were able to download it thanks to the free upgrade provided for those running Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, that didn’t always mean it was an easy move.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade promised many things to users, especially those who despised the attempt made with Windows 8 and 8.1. The biggest draw users seemed to have when it came to Microsoft’s new operating system was the return of the start menu, along with the newly integrated Cortana feature, which offers ease of access for all users by offering a simply way to locate anything either on the computer or on the internet.

Yes, while Cortana was a big draw for many, there have been some pretty big setbacks for some users, especially those wishing to do a clean install. For those who need a bit of a computer lesson, a clean install is a complete overhaul of a system. According to PC Net, unlike the average operating system (OS) upgrade, a clean install will remove the current operating system and user files during the installation process.

While the concept of a clean install was easy enough for most PC users to grasp, there were still quite a few issues when it came to actually installing Windows 10 to their Windows 7 and/or Windows 8 machines. According to Extreme Tech, Microsoft will first be addressing the issue for those using the Insider Preview with their latest build update. With the latest build, those who still have their current Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 product key will be able to easily complete a clean install by entering their current product key when asked for the Windows 10 product key. The catch is that you must be using the same product key originally used on the machine, meaning users wouldn’t be able to use an old Windows 7 product key for a different machine.

While the clean install problem is a big one to address for those still trying to get the recent free Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade, what about those of us who have already gotten the newest operating system? Don’t worry, there are some new details in the works for those who already enjoy the latest Microsoft upgrade.

According to the Verge, there are two pretty big things in the works for Microsoft’s next update: Skype integration and Cortana inking. Skype has, for quite a few users, been nothing but problems. While it is a very useful program for video and voice calls, along with being a pretty easy to use messenger application, it has had quite a few hiccups since Windows 8. With the latest updates, Microsoft is hoping to create a more seamless integration of the Skype program.

The Verge stated that the new Skype integration will look similar to previous versions, with the two panel interface and circular UI for contacts. With Microsoft having started to link Skype names to user’s mobile phone devices, it is now getting easier to find their contacts without having to know their Skype username.

As for the Cortana part of these new updates, it seems as if the basic Cortana feature will be remaining the same, though Microsoft is trying to fix a few bugs with its inking capabilities. According to Tech Crunch, Microsoft is working to help Cortana “understand notes that were handwritten on a screen.” With the latest updates, Cortana is said to not only be able to understand your handwritten notes, but it reportedly will also be able to turn those notes into reminders, according to Extreme Tech. How will it be able to do so? Cortana will reportedly be able to note locations, times, and numbers — and convert them into reminders for you.

While most of these updates are currently only available to those with the Microsoft Insider Preview for Windows 10, it is believed that they will be available later this year for all users.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade? Has it been more beneficial than previous versions? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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