October 13, 2015
WWE News: Seth Rollins' Appearance On 'SportsCenter' Beginning Of A Weekly Occurrence For WWE?

ESPN is changing ever so slightly. They used to be strictly sports, but since the world of entertainment has expanded and changed the way television is made, ESPN has also evolved. SportsCenter has entertainment value, which wasn't always the focus. The same can be said about the WWE. Before the WWE even began its reign across the professional wrestling landscape, it was all about the wrestling. Bruno Sammartino didn't parade around and try to make people laugh. He wrestled like a WWE champion.

After pondering both companies, they are similar. One is a TV show that analyzes the latest in sports. However, ESPN had to evolve and acclimate to the newest generation of viewers. The WWE also changed the way their programming looked. In the late-2000s, they went to a full-fledged PG format. Prior to that, WWE engaged in the Ruthless Aggression Era and the Attitude Era, neither of which were PG.

Bret Hart Attitude Era WWEESPN's newly-developed strategy is allowing the WWE to cash in on that opportunity. The WWE did something unprecedented during SummerSlam weekend. They covered SummerSlam, and SportsCenter had a crew on scene at the Barclays Center. ESPN also welcomed Brock Lesnar on the show, where he announced his contract extension with the WWE.

SummerSlam won't be the last time ESPN will get involved in the WWE. Seth Rollins is scheduled to appear on SportsCenter tonight with Jonathan Coachman. According to Cageside Seats, a WWE guest on ESPN's programming could become a weekly ordeal.

"News that WWE champ Seth Rollins will be a guest on SportsCenter tonight might just be the tip of the iceberg for Superstars on ESPN. MLW notes that this may become a weekly occurrence, if not on the flagship news show, than somewhere on the Disney-owned channel."

Aside from ESPN programming, a WWE-related guest wouldn't make sense. Disney does own ABC, so perhaps a highly-touted WWE superstar could come on Good Morning America or a Disney-owned sitcom. To give more credence to the report, Coachman, a former WWE announcer, commented on tonight possibly giving away huge news.

Seth Rollins will most likely announce something that involves WrestleMania 32. If Coachman is teasing something big, then WrestleMania 32 is exactly that. Plus, the WWE World Heavyweight champion is appearing on the show. He's supposed to be the top guy in the WWE. If they wanted to announce something that didn't affect the entire company, Lesnar would've come on again.

Plus, this is a huge opportunity for Rollins as well. He isn't the person the WWE Universe thought he would turn into. Rollins is their best wrestler and also has some of the strongest microphone skills in the company. The booking is hindering Rollins rather than helping him. He isn't over quite like CM Punk, John Cena, Stone Cold, or the Rock were.

CM Punk the Rock WWEIt's a tall order just to be in the same realm as those champions, but that should be expected from the WWE champion. They should be getting invitations to press events, nightly talk shows, morning TV shows, etc. Rollins did come on the Today show, but that's been the high point of his entertainment history as WWE champion. SportsCenter will allow the world to see who Seth Rollins really is.

As a person, Rollins gives back and represents the WWE very well. There was the instance with his nude picture that got leaked. Since that moment, he's done a great job at keeping his reputation high. Letting Rollins announce that ESPN will cover WrestleMania 32 is a great move by the WWE. By putting their top guy in the spotlight, the world may get behind Rollins. The hindered ratings need a boost. Hopefully, Rollins' appearance helps.

[Images via youtube.com and wwe.com]