Alek Skarlatos Loved Switch Up Week on ‘DWTS,’ Romance With Emma Slater May Be On The Horizon For The Train Hero

Switch up week may have been a little tough for some, but for Alek Skarlatos, it wasn’t so bad at all. His new partner for this week was pro dancer Emma Slater, and those two sure heated up the ballroom floor with their sexy rumba. In fact, the hero was quite smitten, and he had no problem telling the world about it.

On Week 5 of Dancing with the Stars, all of the celebrities danced with different partners just for one week in order to give them a fresh perspective. Sometimes it works well, and other times it doesn’t. This particular partnership turned out to be quite steamy, as reported by People. In fact, it looks like they may have a date all planned out.

“I’ve got a truck and there are some mountains in Oregon. So we can go up straight up into the mountains in the truck and look at the stars.”

Emma thinks that Greek food would be a perfect fit for their date as well. Things are moving right along for this couple. It sounds like they had such a good time on the dance floor that they are ready to see where it takes them.

It’s not that Alek Skarlatos doesn’t enjoy his time with Lindsey Arnold, as they have done quite well so far on Dancing with the Stars, but it looks like he has the hots for Emma Slater. Besides, Lindsey is a married woman now, and Alek seems to have already been infatuated with Slater before he found out they would be hitched up for switch up week.

There seems to be a hint of romance for at least one dancing couple on DWTS. It happened last season with Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec, and they are still together these days. This time around, it looks like Alek and Emma may be the couple to watch.

During rehearsals for their hot rumba, Skarlatos got quite distracted when the 26-year-old Brit was trying to show him their dance moves. When Slater told him to put his hands on her bum, his face turned kind of red and he got a little flustered in the process. He told the cameras exactly what was going through his mind at that point.

“She’s super attractive. In fact, she’s too hot. I can’t keep my cool.”

The 23-year-old didn’t even seem to mind much when his new partner accidentally slammed his nose during rehearsal. He got sent by ambulance to the hospital, and even though it may be broken, he came through and danced a romantic rumba with Emma Slater. They ended up earning 29 out of 40 from the judges. Emma was also happy to have Alek as a partner. As reported by Fox 411, she had a great time with the switch up as well.

“This is a happy partnership for the switch up. When we found out we got each other, we knew it was going to be awesome. We share a lot of common interests. It’s been a really good week. I honestly had a blast.”

The twosome spent some time together in Alek’s home state of Oregon, according to Fox, and apparently they had a great time seeing some of the beauty there. It sounds like it was a much-needed time of relaxation for Alek Skarlatos after the tragedy that struck his hometown of Roseburg when a gunman shot and killed nine people at Umpqua Community College earlier this month. This is the same college that he had enrolled in before he came on DWTS.

Skarlatos also had to deal with his best friend and fellow hero, Spencer Stone, who was hurt during an attack in Sacramento recently.

Train hero Alek Skarlatos (Getty Images)

Emma Slater mentioned how Alek looked after her during their time in Oregon, but it was probably twofold as she may have brought her dance partner some comfort as well. She mentioned that chemistry is a valuable thing while you are competing on Dancing with the Stars, and it sure looks like there is no lack of that at all. They will both be back with their original partners next week. Hopefully, these couples will be sticking around a while longer.

Hayes Grier and Emma Slater (Getty Images)

Do you think that Alek Skarlatos and Emma Slater will continue their blooming romance?

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