‘Real Housewives’ Shannon Beador Finally Puts Vicki In Her Place

Shannon Beador

Well, the season might have ended with a dip in the pool, but it didn’t put the fire out. Oddly, in pure Real Housewives style, a baptism is the perfect place to display rude behavior, and liken yourself, martyr-style, to Jesus on a cross. At Tamra Judge’s baptism, Vicki Gunvalson just could not leave her baggage at home and show up for a friend, yet, as the theme for the season, she made it all about her.

As the Inquisitr reported, Gunvalson’s loyalty to alleged con man Brooks Ayers has blinded her to those who have always had her back, but now feel used, like her daughter, Tamra, and Heather. And though she is a relatively new friend, Shannon Beador desperately didn’t want to think she was being used after helping ease the way towards special medical access, but finally came to that realization when nothing added up.

Nobody wants to challenge someone who claims to be ill, which is why it’s such a perfect con. The idea that Gunvalson was always “out of town” seems odd. Why would you leave town each time your significant other has a major treatment milestone? Bonnie and Clyde — err, Vicki and Brooks — only have each other, why not make a treatment schedule around travel? E! Online believes that nothing can ever be the same after the baptism throwdown.

First, is nothing sacred? Keep your crazy train on the rails until after a religious event. Everyone has struggles, many of us have lost parents, but it doesn’t have to be inflicted on others. Talk of Satan and being nailed to a cross are starting to sound like mental health problems. Poor Shannon Beador reached her breaking point, understandably, when gullible Rhonda from Wisconsin was sent in to do Vicki’s dirty work.

“She’s going to go beat somebody’s a**,” RHOC‘s Lizzie said as Shannon marched toward Vicki.

“Thank you so much, for being the true friend and not telling anybody my secrets,” Shannon said as she clenched Vicki’s arm.

“What secrets?” Vicki asked. “What just happened?”

Playing dumb after inflicting pain? You have learned a few things from Brooks Ayers.

“I’m just gonna say, ‘Shannon vs. Vicki.’ That pretty much describes the finale to me,” Shannon told us in September. “And it’s not something that I’m excited about. It’s not something that should’ve happened.”

Correct, but Beador was in shock, and felt betrayed. Fans understand, and like Beador more than ever.

People Magazine has made a good point, saying that significant others may come and go, but friends and children are forever. It seems it was a hard lesson for Gunvalson to learn, now that it is public that Ayers has gone on to his next mark.

“Let’s say he’s faking cancer, let’s just say he’s faking cancer. What would that have to do with me?”

Finally, an admission that everything might not be kosher. And who party hops over the age of fifty when one of the parties is a baptism? Keeping it classy, huh? But why throw a woman who has been kind to you by discussing her husband’s betrayal with hangers on? Deflection is an interesting choice when you are trying to keep your house of cards standing.

Andy Cohen will have his hands full for the next two weeks trying to wade through all of the lies.

Will you be watching The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion? What do you believe?

[Photo courtesy of Bravo]