Pippa Middleton Breaks Up With Nico Jackson Over Long-Distance Woes: Loves ‘Relentless’ Extreme Sports [Video]

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Pippa Middleton has reportedly broken off her relationship with boyfriend Nico Jackson. Pippa and Nico called it quits two weeks ago after a three-year relationship and rumors of an engagement in 2013, reports E! News.

According to a source close to Middleton, ever since Nico moved to Geneva for work, the long-distance relationship “didn’t work, especially with how busy Pippa was.” Pippa, who is an extreme sports enthusiast and devotes her time to raising money for various causes, globe trots in pursuit of her diverse interests.

The same source revealed to E! News that many relationship issues between Pippa and Jackson “stemmed from the fact [Pippa] was always busy working—as was he,” and both Middleton and her ex “never had time for one another.” One of the last times Pippa Middleton was seen with Nico was when they were spotted leaving a healing arts center in London.

“Pippa is fiercely ambitious,” according to E! News, and isn’t ready to get married yet, making her long-distance romance out of the question.

To add fuel to the fire, Pippa has been spotted on numerous occasions with other ex-boyfriends, igniting rumors that Middleton might begin dating one of them again. Just recently, Pippa was spotted with James Matthews, as the pair took an evening dog walk with James’ pooch.

According to the Mirror, Pippa was seen with Matthews as they strolled, and Middleton spent the night at her ex’s home, emerging the next morning with a bouquet of flowers. It wasn’t the first time Pippa has been spotted with her ex — James reportedly accompanied Pippa and the rest of her family on a Caribbean getaway earlier this year.

The Mirror reports that Pippa recently geared up for the Otillo race in the Caribbean, with James as her training partner.

Middleton also has been spotted with ex-boyfriend Alex Loudon, a former professional cricket player and broker, who she dated for three years, until their split in 2011, just two months after Kate and William wed. Pippa and Alex reportedly split when instant fame became too much for Loudon, according to People.

For now, it seems, Pippa, who recently competed in Sweden’s grueling 50-mile Otillo swimming and running event, will console herself with extreme sports. Middleton is famous for being crazy about extreme fitness competitions, using the events to highlight causes that interest her.

The Stockholm event is “not for the faint-hearted,” Middleton confessed to Reuters, according to People magazine. Pippa emphasized that the strenuous race is “almost three Ironman swims and one and a half marathons,” making it one of the most difficult in the world.

She was joined at the event by her brother, James Middleton, pal Jöns Bartholdson, as well as training partner and ex James Matthews, reports the Mirror.

But it’s not just about the race, says Pippa Middleton, who admits she was also inspired by Sweden’s gorgeous scenery. The race included 240 competitors and spanned 26 islands in the country.

Pippa confessed that she “was taken by the idea of competing in the stunning surroundings,” and loves that “Otillo has an edge to it that stands out above other endurance races.”

“I’m inspired by the scenery, the sense of adventure,” Pippa admitted. “Running 65km in a wetsuit and swimming 10km in trainers with hand paddles – hopping over rocks, dipping in and out of bays” is one of the most exciting parts of competing, according to Pippa, who loves that the race is “relentless.”

People reports that Pippa also uses her fame and the grueling races to raise money for charitable foundations. At the Otillo race, Middleton raised funds for the Michael Matthew Foundation.

[Image credit: Anthony Harvey / Getty Images]