DramaFever Officially Releases An App For Sony Playstation 4 — Celebrates By Giving Premium Members A Chance To Win A PS4

Back in 2009, DramaFever – a streaming site similar to Hulu and Netflix – was founded. Focusing more on foreign content, DramaFever has become known for their British, Spanish, and Latin American content. However, they are best known for their original focus on Korean content (though that apparently includes Taiwanese as well).

Today, DramaFever is one of the most popular streaming sites on the internet, and it shows by their extravagant sweepstakes they, at times, hold. For example, last month they started the “Power of Three” sweepstakes, which gave their premium (paid subscription) members a chance to win a trip to Seoul, South Korea, the country that originated their most popular content. All members had to do was watch K-movies and answer a one-question survey correctly for each one. Every three surveys answered correctly provided one chance in the sweepstakes drawing. With six movies selected for the sweepstakes, members were given up to two chances to win. As for the movies, they were Miss Granny, Tazza 2: The Hidden Card, A Moment to Remember, Twenty, Love Forecast, and GROW: Infinite’s Youth Life.

Now, DramaFever’s popularity is about to increase more with the release of their app for the Sony Playstation 4. Not only that, they are celebrating it by giving away a brand new Sony Playstation 4 systems to five of their premium members a month starting now until February 2016. That’s 25 lucky people who will own a brand new PS4!

According to Digital TV, DramaFever recently released their Sony Playstation 4 app so that users of the gaming system will be able to watch their favorite Korean, British, and Latino dramas. This is the latest app to be made by the subsidiary of Softbank Internet and Media in which it joins Chromecast, Roku, Samsunt, smart TVs, Android, iOS, and the Microsoft Xbox 360.

DramaFever App - Heirs
DramaFever App - The Time We Were Not In Love
DramaFever App - Twenty

Summarized, Sony Playstation 4 owners who like dramas (especially K-dramas of course) are getting a lot to cater to their desires. It should be known the app is absolutely free on the system for both premium members and free members. However, a premium membership is truly a bang for a viewer’s buck. First off, the lowest premium membership option is just 99 cents to limit ads (streaming site version of commercials). The $4.99 option is completely ad free. Also, premium members are given the option to view K-dramas in hi-def too.

If the aforementioned perks don’t sound appealing, the possibility of winning something spectacular from DramaFever will surely remedy that especially if said person does not own a Sony Playstation 4. As mentioned earlier, DramaFever is celebrating the release of their Sony Playstation 4 app by giving away Sony Playstation 4 systems to five premium members every month until February 2016. Unlike their “Power of Three” sweepstakes that required premium members to watch K-movies and answer one-question surveys correctly, a premium member doesn’t have to do anything but by a premium member.

Pertaining to DramaFever’s relationship with gaming consoles and peripherals, this is technically the second gaming system DramaFever has made an app for. The first was for the Xbox 360 system. Why it wasn’t made for the Xbox One is perplexing, but it is what it is. As for the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and all its versions, Sony Playstation Vita, and of course the Xbox One, DramaFever has neither confirmed or denied apps for such are in the process of being made. It is highly unlikely an app will be made for the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 at this time.

[Images via DramaFever]