Gwen Stefani Being Chased by Moby As Blake Shelton Rumors Fly

Gwen Stefani is single once again and it looks like one man has his eye on her already. Rumors have been flying that Blake Shelton and Gwen might have something going on, but it turns out Moby actually has a thing for Gwen and would love to end up dating her. Radar Online shares that Moby is doing everything he can to get Gwen Stefani to want to start dating him and rumor has it he even took his flirtations as far as opening a restaurant near her place. He just opened a new vegan restaurant called Little Pine in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Sources say that Gwen and Moby have been friends for about 15 years and that Moby has a history of hitting on her all the time. The source went on to explain that Gwen is used to him hitting on her and she just doesn’t think much of it. This friend goes on to say that Moby actually opened Little Pine to get her attention and explained the situation in further detail.

The thing nobody talks about with Moby is that he’s always struggled with relationships because he can’t seem to find anyone who shares his strict raw food and vegan lifestyle. The source notes that Moby is so smitten with Stefani that he opened Little Pine just to get her attention. Gwen’s promised Moby to eat there. She’s been a vegetarian since she was 12 and reportedly in Moby’s eyes she’s the ultimate woman — talented, gorgeous and she hates meat.

It really doesn’t sound like Gwen Stefani is interested in Moby at this time, but if he is going to keep doing everything he can to win her over, it could end up happening. Her ex, Gavin Rossdale, has been spotted out and about with a mystery brunette and seems to be moving on just fine. It may be time for Gwen to do the same thing, but the couple is not officially divorced yet. The divorce process could end up taking a while.

Bustle says that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are actually a match made in heaven, but so far these two are not admitting that there is anything going on. This leaves things wide open for her to date Moby, if he can find a way to win her over. Blake and Gwen are obviously flirting a bit on the show, but it could mean nothing. Gwen Stefani does laugh at Blake Shelton’s jokes and their chemistry can’t be denied. They are both gorgeous, and single, so that would make for a perfect match.

Blake Shelton recently spoke out (via Bustle) about his thoughts on Gwen and had many an kind thing to say about her.

“I don’t think anybody’s more covered up than Gwen, from just raising three boys and balancing a TV show and a solo record or a No Doubt record and touring and her clothing line. Every day in the compound, you see her having a meeting with people you’ve never seen her having a meeting with before. It’s crazy.”

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Blake Shelton has never been shy about the fact that he does want kids someday, but he hasn’t made it clear if he would want to start dating someone who has three children of her own already. Blake and Gwen could end up being the perfect match, but only time will tell.

But, it seems Moby is going to do everything that he can to get her to fall in love with him first.

Do you think Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani would be a great match? Would she better off dating Moby instead? Sound off in the comments on your thoughts about who you think Gwen would be the best with after her divorce from Gavin Rossdale is finalized.

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