Controller Support, Skrull Secret Invasion Coming To ‘Marvel Heroes’ In 2016

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes is getting controller support, a new Skrull chapter, upgraded visuals, and much more when the 2016 rebranding launches. Marvel Heroes 2016, its features, and its targeted release date were all divulged at New York Comic Con over the weekend. Heroes can expect a number of changes and additions to the game including Steam achievements, leaderboards, a new patrol zone, and the long-awaited Thanos raid.

The Gazillion press release, as seen on Gamasutra, indicates that while the 2015 update has intended to improve the game overall, the 2016 update is intended to create new “tent-pole” updates released along a regular basis. Some of the upcoming features might be available right as Marvel Heroes transitions into its 2016 season, but others will release post launch.

Marvel Heroes

Most notably, a new story chapter will be coming to the game that features alien Skrull. This chapter, entitled “Secret Invasion,” will be the tenth chapter in a growing narrative of story-driven content. Players will encounter many Skrull units including Kl’rt, the Super-Skrull. This chapter will be the first to be added to Marvel Heroes since chapter nine took players to Asgard culminating in a battle with Loki.

Other updates to Marvel Heroes in the 2016 update include controller support, visual updates to many of the characters released in 2013, leaderboards, and Steam achievements. Controller support, a feature often requested by a number of players, will let players plug in a controller and use it to play Marvel Heroes rather than the traditional mouse and keyboard. With other isometric, action RPGs boasting decent controller support on consoles, the addition to Marvel Heroes could work splendidly.

The visual update, or upgrade to a number of heroes, is also on the way when Marvel Heroes 2016 releases. Previewed are Jean Grey and Captain America model changes with more realistic features. It seems that many of the heroes released during the 2013 launch window for Marvel Heroes will be seeing a visual update; however, these upgrades will probably be released incrementally over several months.

Marvel Heroes

Leaderboards for daily or lengthy accomplishments, tournaments, and even seasons are likely coming to Marvel Heroes, too. Players interested in more permanent accolades will enjoy the addition of Steam achievements. Marvel Heroes already vaunts a robust number of in-game achievements, but Marvel Heroes 2016 will add another layer of feats for players to complete. Players using the Steam platform to play the game will be able to improve their Steam portfolio with a number of Steam achievements detailing their journey in Marvel Heroes.

Also included in the forthcoming list of features to the action RPG is the continuation of adding in All New, All Different content. In fact, Marvel Heroes updated just last week with the rebranding of the in-game Ms. Marvel as Captain Marvel, a few new costumes, and the popular Spider-Gwen as a team-up hero. In about a month’s time, the enhanced Spider-Gwen costume will be available in the store for all players. According to the Inquisitr, this will let the playable Spider-Man completely transform into Spider-Gwen with unique voice over. Players can check out the other fresh costumes added to Marvel Heroes with the All New, All Different update by checking out the official site.

Marvel Heroes

As the official Twitter account for Marvel Heroes indicates, the 2016 update will be available in December. Of course, the date is tentative and subject to change. Not to mention, all the features mentioned will not be immediately available. Specially, the Savage Land Patrol zone and the Thanos raid will release after the 2016 update goes live. Other features, those core to the Marvel Heroes 2016 release, could be delayed as well if something unforeseen happens during development.

If everything goes smoothly, Marvel Heroes players should start seeing some of the upcoming features on the public test server before the December rebranding of the game to Marvel Heroes 2016. Which imminent feature being added to Marvel Heroes excites you the most?

[Images via Gazillion Entertainment]