Worst Mother Of The Week: Mom Buckles In Gas Can, Leaves Toddler With No Carseat

An Aurora, Colorado woman was pulled over and cited for a seatbelt violation after officers spotted that she had removed her toddler from his carseat to make room for a gas can.

Originally pulled over for an improper turn, Aurora officers focusing on the “Click It Or Ticket” campaign soon discovered the unidentified woman’s 14 year-old and toddler wearing no seatbelt’s and a gas can occupying the toddler’s carseat.

Aurora police spokesman told The Denver Post, “This could be one of the extreme incidents we’ve ever seen.”

The photo drew much attention as the Colorado Department of Transportation decided to post the picture to their Facebook page in hopes to “remind everyone that life is precious, so please be responsible and make sure children are properly restrained in the appropriate child safety seat.”

Many users were in disbelief that a mother would subject a child to that much danger just to secure a gas can.


One user writes: “Wow! We have a stand up mother right here. She was caught in her car driving with her 14 years old who is in H.S., and her toddler son. How could someone be so stupid? If she needed gas, she could have left both children home, or with someone else who is a responsible adult, and then went out to get gas. But no she straps the gas in, and she’s more worried about the safety of the gas, but not the safety of her child. I hope they took these children away, because she endangered all their lives.”

With another saying, “That’s just WRONG!!!!! Some people should not and don’t deserve to have kids!”

What do you think of this mothers decision to put the gas can in the carseat instead of the toddler?