Karrine Steffans Reacts To Lil Wayne’s Sex Tape On Twitter: ‘I Can Only Protect A Dude For So Long, Once The Sex Tape Drops’

Karrine Steffans used to brag about being with Lil Wayne, but now she’s clowning Lil Wayne on Twitter saying the jig is up minutes after Lil Wayne’s sex tape was released online, as reported by Vibe. First off, tread carefully if you plug the “Lil Wayne” name into Twitter’s search engine and check for live updates. Folks are already posting explicit things from the sex tape with claims that “call me Tunechi, baby” allegedly had unprotected sex with two strippers. Also, scammers are likely using the leak of Lil Wayne’s sex tape to post all sorts of bad links with viruses and malware on Twitter and other places, so they probably aren’t worth a click.

As reported by HipHopDX, Karrine had lots to say about Lil Wayne’s sex tape as she watched it, pressed play, paused and commented, and watched it again. On Steffans’ Twitter account, the tweets just kept on coming as Young Wayne did the same, apparently. Karrine’s tweets just continued and went on for hours as Steffans dealt with backlash and comments about her commentary.

“The homie has a sex tape? I know that s*** is short than a mugg… *presses play* Man. This is the saddest little porn tape there ever was. Chile…that sex tape is so dry. Brought flash backs of texting and looking at the ceiling in missionary for 8 years. Sigh.”

Tunechi Karrine critiques Lil Wayne Karrine Steffans The sex tape commentary

Wow. That was a lot different commentary than when Karrine bragged about her “baby” Lil Wayne having her, and she having him years ago, as if it was a wonderful time.

“A man is allowed to judge a woman sexually, but a woman is not allowed to judge him? And report aloud as he does?”

Regarding the backlash on her comments about Lil Wayne’s performance, Karrine asked why couldn’t women judge men as they performed in the same manner that men judged women. The woman who had made a name for herself as an author — with Steffans being reminiscent of the Breaking Cardinal Rules book now out, has continued her biting commentary and writing on social media against her ex. And that biting commentary included lots of humor, such as Karrine asking what Drake was doing as the Internet broke over Lil Wayne’s sex tape.

“But seriously, what is doing right now…”

“Listen, I can only protect a dude for so long. Once the sex tape drops, the jig is up!”

Karrine also said that she could hide any inadequacies of a man for a period of time, but once their sex tape is splashed on the web for those who choose to watch it to see, Steffans can’t do much about protecting their sexual reputation after that point in time. Weezy F himself hasn’t had much to tweet about his own sex tape, and instead pointed his Twitter followers to the link of a video from fans wishing him a happy birthday.

Indeed, for rappers like Lil Wayne, sexual proclivity is very important — especially the appearance of sexual proclivity. In “Truffle Butter,” he raps about the fact that he could be broke but still have a million dollar smile. Lil Wayne also paints the picture of himself deftly placing one of his legs on the toiled as he performed his “new dance move” and told his sex mate that she was “dancing with the stars” via his “new dance move” invented during sex. With a reputation like that to uphold, it’s a tenuous thing to see a sex tape come along and refute it.

Two unidentified women are reportedly in the sex tape with Lil Wayne.

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