Was Chance Walsh Eaten By Alligator?

The search for missing Florida infant Chance Walsh continues with some disturbing new developments; his parents remain jailed on charges associated with child neglect. WJBF News reports that authorities are now investigating to determine whether or not the nine-week-old baby has been eaten by an alligator.

Authorities with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have euthanized an alligator. They are going to examine its insides to find out if it has eaten the missing baby. However, reports aren’t indicating if investigators believe the baby was purposely fed to the animal or if the alligator ate the baby after his body was possibly dumped in a body of water.

Chance Walsh was reported missing by his grandmother earlier last week after she realized that the child had not been accounted for in a month. Over the course of the search for the nine-week-old baby, his parents — Kristen Bury and Joseph Walsh — have given conflicting stories about his whereabouts. NBC News 2 reports that the infant was last seen with his mother at home in Florida on Sept. 9, but appeared to completely vanish ever since.


The search for the missing baby has inspired the hashtag #WhereIsChance on social media, which has sparked a host of comments against the jailed parents. While it’s not certain what happened to baby Chance, the public generally appears to think the parents are directly responsible for the boy’s disappearance. That is particularly corroborated since authorities have located what is being described as a “blood spatter” at the home where the infant was last seen with his mother. The disturbing find makes it hard to imagine that Chance Walsh is even alive, much less being cared for in the company of strangers. However, authorities are still analyzing the blood that has been found at the scene. It is not going to be known if the blood is Chance’s for some time.

Authorities in Florida also haven’t confirmed if the alligator has eaten the missing baby; however, it has been revealed that his parents are going to be extradited back to Florida, where they will presumably be interrogated at length regarding the disappearance of the nine-week-old baby. Neighbors of the child’s parents have confirmed with NBC News that the alligators have been removed from a canal behind the family’s home, adding another disturbing element — in addition to the blood spatter — to the case.

Missing baby Chance Walsh hasn’t been seen in over a month, and yet his parents have given at least two differing stories regarding his whereabouts. Joseph Walsh has told his mother that the baby died in a car accident, which he and Kristen Bury were involved; however, authorities have confirmed that the baby was not with them at the time of the car accident that occurred on October 2.


On October 6, both Kristen and Joseph told a detective that they gave the baby away to a woman named Kim Delaney. The FBI confirmed that no such woman exists (at least, not at the capacity described by the missing baby’s parents).

This latest false claim shares similarities with another Florida case. Casey Anthony famously claimed that a nanny named Zenaida Gonzalez had stolen her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony, but it was revealed that this woman did not exist in Anthony’s life, which is why another woman of the same name tried (unsuccessfully) to sue the woman known in the media as “Tot Mom.”

If you know anything about the disappearance of Chance Walsh, or if you’ve sighted anything that may be of interest to the investigation, please call the tip-line associated with the search for the missing baby at (941) 861-4074.

[Photo by Sarasota Sheriff’s Mugshots/Baby photos courtesy of Sarasota Sheriff’s Dept.]