‘Star Wars’ Director J.J. Abrams Assures Fans That Disney Won’t Ruin Movie

'Star Wars' Director J.J. Abrams

Star Wars is betting on a theatrical comeback this winter. Now that Disney holds the reigns, Star Wars fans have been nervous about what might happen to their beloved universe. Fans won’t be at ease until The Force Awakens opens on December 18, but director J.J. Abrams has assured them that he is in control and Disney isn’t forcing him to do anything that Star Wars fans would cause a riot over.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, J.J. Abrams opened up about the process of bringing Star Wars into the present. A lot of the discussion stayed within conceptual and business-oriented terms, based on working processes, teamwork, and inspiration, but J.J. Abrams did assure fans that neither he nor Disney is going to destroy the massive hopes fans have for the next Star Wars movie. J.J. Abrams is looking to preserve the authentic vision of Star Wars and bring it back to movie theaters. He is confident that Disney gets the idea of what needs to happen, and despite Disney financing the project, they aren’t looking to take creative control out of the director’s hands.

Abrams summarized his main interactions with Disney at a Vanity Fair hosted event.

“They let me make the movie, they let us make the movie we wanted to make.”

Many Star Wars fans were horrified after the Star Wars prequel trilogy left fans comatose with disappointment. The home versions of the original Star Wars trilogy were also altered from the classics that came out in cinemas over 30 years ago. Star Wars fans have craved to see more Star Wars cinematic triumphs having a similar impact to the original trilogy.

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Later at the Vanity Fair event, while responding to a question from an audience member about the future of virtual reality, J.J. Abrams let slip an eye-popping experience, which may or may not trickle down to moviegoers.

“I will tell you there is something being worked on now that will involve Star Wars, that when I experienced it I had such a visceral sense memory experience of being on the set that it was uncanny.”

Abrams could be referring to a Star Wars theme park attraction. Now that Disney owns Star Wars, the possibility of a virtual reality Star Wars Disney World attraction is not a far off in a galaxy far, far away. Disneyland is getting Star Wars themed attractions soon.

Abrams further reveals at the Vanity Fair event the strenuous effort he puts into his work.

“And it’s an investment of a lot of money, incredible resources, and, I know it’s not God’s work, people are out there doing things that are far more important, but in the world of entertainment, what you are investing all that in is just desperately trying to give something to people that will be worthy of their time, and if you’re lucky, memorable.”

George Lucas has had to take a lot of resentment from people confused about his later direction with the Star Wars prequel trilogy. His fascination with updating the franchise using new cinematic technology has altered the original look and feel of the films in ways that have frustrated Star Wars followers. As Daily Mail reports, George Lucas has had little control over the upcoming seventh Star Wars film. Getting the franchise bought and brought over to Disney has wrenched the franchise out from the hands of the man who created it.

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More positive signs are appearing as the release date approaches for the Disney era of the Star Wars universe. Han Solo and Chewbacca are back. BB-8, a fun, roly-poly new droid joins the cast. Racially diverse casting decisions meet old school science fiction folks head on. Many of the new and old elements coming together look promising for the new Star Wars films.

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