‘Real Housewives’ Yolanda Foster Still Actively Fighting Lyme Disease

Though the state of her health is looking up, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster is still fighting the good fight against Lyme disease, for herself, her children, and all of those around the world suffering from the autoimmune disease that has struck her family.

According to the Inquisitr, Yolanda Foster recently revealed that she is not the only family member who has struggled with Lyme disease. She told a crowd at the Global Lyme Alliance Inaugural Gala that both Bella and Anwar Hadid have been fighting Lyme for three years. She disclosed that, for now, the worst of it seems to have passed for her, but she is not going to give up the fight to help each and every Lyme sufferer. She addressed all three of her children, apologizing for the time she has missed with them while fighting her own personal battle that left her with neurological symptoms.

People Magazine speaks of the battle with Lyme disease from Foster’s perspective. The cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills should watch themselves before commenting about the seriousness of Foster’s fight.

“I have lost the ability to read, write, or even watch TV because I can’t process information or any stimulation for that matter. It feels like someone came in and confiscated my brain and tied my hands behind my back to just watch and see life go by without me participating in it.”

She says she wasted the first year just trying to get diagnosed and the next two searching for a cure. She tried conventional antibiotic therapy, such as Doxycycline or Tetracycline, which leaves you sun sensitive. Foster also tried every holistic protocol she could find, including cryotherapy. Lastly, she removed her breast implants and found that one was leaking.

“The most frustrating thing is that there is medical data on Lyme and spirochete infections going back all the way to 1908, but yet we still don’t have proper diagnostic testing, a vaccine, or a cure for Lyme disease while we are living in the United States of America, the most extraordinary country in the world.”

The Daily Mail reports that Foster is saddened that both Bella and Anwar have suffered in silence while her struggle has been very public. Questions are arising from the public about a genetic component for the disease, but that has largely been dismissed by medical professionals, indicating that it is more likely that family members have traveled to the same places on trips or recreation, so the infection likely came about that way.

“Caused by bacteria, Lyme disease can often be treated if caught early, but Yolanda is struggling with harsher symptoms because she was not diagnosed for around a year.”

When receiving the award, Foster dedicated it to Bella and Anwar, saying that she will walk to the ends of the earth to find a cure to relieve their suffering and the suffering of everyone’s children.

“I will walk to the end of the earth to find a cure so that you can live a healthy life that you deserve. No child should suffer the way that you do.”

Gigi Hadid presented the award to her mother with tears in her eyes, lamenting that she is the only one in her family who doesn’t have experience with the disease first-hand and is saddened by the suffering of her mother and her siblings.

Do you think Yolanda Foster is right to put the other Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars in their place for being critical of her struggle?

[Photo courtesy of Bravo]