Kim Kardashian Isn’t Planning To Wear Versace While Giving Birth To Kanye West’s Baby

It’s a new week, which means there is a new crazy Kim Kardashian rumor that someone had to creatively come up with. Hollywood Life, a site that always has crazy stories about Kardashian, recently reported on Kim’s alleged giving-birth-in-style plans.

“Kim Kardashian won’t be caught dead wearing a hospital gown! An insider close to the fashionista revealed to EXCLUSIVELY that Kim wants to be all dolled up while she’s giving birth to her second child in December.”

The site adds that Kardashian is going to be draped in an elegant, over-sized custom-made Balmain cape and a killer pair of Versace sandals. Can you imagine giving birth in a cape? The alleged insider says that not only will Kim look amazing on the delivery table giving birth, but she’ll also look fabulous for her selfie once the baby is born.

Doesn’t this all sound a little too narcissistic? Does it sound like something Kim Kardashian would do? Well, according to Gossip Cop, it isn’t even true.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian likes to Kim Kardashian likes to dress in style, but not while she is giving birth to her second child. [Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Entertainment]

“Kim Kardashian is NOT planning to wear Balmain and Versace as she gives birth, despite an absolutely ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim, which a rep for Kardashian tells us isn’t the least bit true.”

Gossip Cop goes on to condemn the rumor that Kanye West isn’t too pleased about Kim Kardashian’s choice of clothing for the event. They also condemn a recent rumor by Hollywood Life that claims Kardashian is going to film the birth of her new son for her reality show.

“‘In true Kim form, she’s going to have this pregnancy filmed in some way shape or form. She wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s an extremely lucky girl and wants to capture every glorious moment of her life on camera – and this will be one of them,’ our insider shares with EXCLUSIVELY.”

Ellen Degeneres
Kim Kardashian was not a nightmare for Ellen DeGeneres despite all the rumors. [Photo by Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images Entertainment]

Kim Kardashian was recently fighting rumors that she was a nightmare guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that was started by Radar Online. The site claims that Mrs. Kardashian brought 2-year-old North West into the taping, and the toddler was very demanding. They said that Kim was not only very late for the taping but that she brought 20 other people along with her.

Before that, Gossip Cop detailed a story from the print edition of Life & Style. They claimed that Kanye West and Kardashian were separating and eventually divorcing. Apparently, Kim Kardashian became tired of her husband’s selfish and controlling ways. When she threatened to move out of their home, West kicked her out instead in order to get the last laugh.

Kim Kardashian’s PR team has a forceful way of dealing with tabloid rumors. Usually, stars ignore the rumors, even if they spread to the mainstream media. The thinking is that if the stories are ignored, they won’t spread. Most stars only speak up about the rumor if it is damaging to their brand.

Kim Kardashian’s way of dealing with rumors is to pour water on them before they fuel up and multiply. Kardashian experiences 10 times the rumors that most stars have to deal with. Whatever Kardashian is doing, it seems to work. She is the most talked-about and written-about celebrity in the business today. Let’s hope that both Kardashian and Kanye West are given at least some privacy when their son is born in December.

[Feature photo by Larry Busacca / Getty Images Entertainment]