ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Reality Steve Teases Intel On Ben Higgins, Becca Tilley Dynamic

'The Bachelor' 2016 star Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins is looking for love on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season this winter. Could he find love with someone already familiar to franchise fans? That is what a couple of ladies were hoping, but Reality Steve’s spoilers are teasing that this outcome is pretty unlikely. Why does he seem so sure?

Though ABC has yet to confirm it, Reality Steve’s spoilers have detailed that both Becca Tilley and Amber James from Chris Soules’ Bachelor season are in Ben Higgins’ season. Though filming still has a ways to go yet, recent Bachelor spoilers from Steve detailed that Ben and Becca had a one-on-one date for Episode 4, and it is believed that she got a rose.

'The Bachelor' star Becca Tilley

Could Becca manage to ultimately score the final rose, earning a proposal from Ben? According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, fans shouldn’t necessarily bet on it. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that though Becca made it clear she was very into Ben, and the two did have a bit of contact before he left for filming, She may not have the edge with Ben she had hoped to have.

Steve’s Bachelor spoilers on this topic surely will never be confirmed or addressed by the show. However, Reality Steve says that Ben actually told Becca specifically that he did not want her to show up for filming.

Of course, Steve never reveals his sources, and he would not get too specific in this case. However, the wording he uses would certainly seem to indicate that this tidbit came from someone quite close to either Ben or Becca, probably Ben.

Ben did do some flirting or communicating with multiple “Bachelor Nation” ladies after Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Bachelorette season and before leaving to film his own season. However, it seems ultimately he was not interested in watching a repeat of what happened with Kaitlyn and Nick Viall play out on television. Steve’s sources indicate that Ben flat-out told Becca not to appear on his season of the show.

Steve writes, “I was told Ben didn’t want any of Chris’ rejects and wanted his ‘own’ season but, well, Ben doesn’t get to make those decisions.”

If indeed Ben did tell Becca specifically not to join the show, it is clear that she chose not to listen. Tilley definitely had an interest in Ben, when she tweeted back in August how she thought he was exactly the kind of guy she wanted to find.

So, did Becca join the show despite Ben’s supposed discouragement because she thought she could change his mind or more for her own branding? Fans will certainly be curious to see how he reacts when she shows up on the first night of Season 20.

As for Amber James’ decision to do the show, little has emerged on that front. While it is known that Becca has made it at least until Episode 5, little has been revealed about Amber’s progress with Ben and this new season.

Many thought that franchise fan favorite Tenley Molzahn might show up as she and Ben did have quite the flirtation ahead of filming. Reality Steve’s spoilers have detailed, however, that Tenley won’t be on this season, and indeed, it appears she is focusing on other things.

Just how long will Ben keep Becca? Will she manage to charm him and help him overcome his initial objections to having any prior contestants on the show, or will this be an awkward component of the new season?

Reality Steve’s spoilers will break down plenty more before the January 4 premiere of Season 20, and fans can’t wait to see just what happens. Will Ben Higgins find love this winter on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season?

[Photo via Ben Higgins’ Instagram]