Shia LaBeouf Was ‘A Danger To Himself And Others’

It’s just another weekend in the life of the actor known for his highly unusual behavior. Shia LaBeouf has had yet another brush with the law; this time in Texas, where he was arrested for being publicly drunk and belligerent and a danger to himself and others.

According to The Statesman, LaBeouf and two women were taunting the police Friday in Austin, Texas by stumbling around, jaywalking, and obstructing traffic after being warned several times that the stunt would end in their arrest. LaBeouf flippantly told authorities that he typically “walks away from police, as they killed a friend of his.”

“LaBeouf’s speech was slurred and thick-tongued and his eyes were glassy and dilated,” the affidavit says.

LaBeouf kept calling the officer a “silly man” and was seen puffing out his chest and presenting himself in an aggressive manner. The officer considered LaBeouf a danger to himself and others.

Eonline is reporting that LaBeouf was in Austin for Austin City Limits Music Festival looking casual and a bit scruffy. They confirmed that officers gave LaBeouf, who just completed probation for his previous public intoxication issues, ample warning that he was walking into trouble, but LaBeouf was either too defiant or too intoxicated to comply.

LaBeouf’s behavior was caught on tape, and the internet went wild with posts confirming the dust up.

“LaBeouf has had a rocky couple of years, having been arrested for disrupting a performance of Cabaret and putting on a tear-filled performance art exhibit at a Los Angeles gallery. He later admitted he was going through an “existential crisis.”

Regardless, LaBeouf seems to be deeply troubled.

“Most recently, the former child star got into a huge fight with ex-girlfriend Mia Goth in Germany back in July, and admitted he was afraid he ‘would have killed her.'”

In another dramatic public fight, LaBeouf vented that he was having trouble holding back his rage.

“I don’t wanna touch you. I don’t wanna be aggressive. This is the kind of s–t that makes a person abusive,” LaBeouf told Goth.

He then again told friends that he was concerned he was going to kill Goth.

TMZ just chalks it up to LaBeouf’s behavior being erratic more often than it is normal. They are reporting that LaBeouf was either drunk, high, or both when he got into a fracas with police. Right before the arrest, LaBeouf and his companions tried to push their way into a bar where they had been denied service because they were too impaired. He started yelling and swearing, and that is what led to the arrest. The actor has a long history of substance abuse problems.

LaBeouf’s cryptic first text was followed by another that was even more bizarre.

Back in 2014, TMZ posted about LaBeouf’s last arrest in New York City.

“Shia was at a showing of “Cabaret” at the legendary Studio 54 Thursday night… when he was smoking inside — which is against the law — and “alarming people” by his conduct by being extremely loud and obscene.”

Witnesses reported that LaBeouf jumped on stage and grabbed at the actors while spewing obscenities. After being arrested, he threatened the police yelling “I’ll f*** you up!”

Do you think that Shia LaBeouf will do any time for this recent behavior, or will he just go to rehab?

[Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Kris Connor]