Nick Lachey And Vanessa Lachey Involved In Car Accident: Nick Urges Fans To Wear Seatbelts

Nick and Vanesa Lachey had a scary situation happen when they hopped into the back of an Uber vehicle. Nick, the VH1 host, and his wife, Vanessa, were in a scary car accident when their Uber car crashed into another car.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey luckily walked away without any injuries. Nick decided to post about the accident to warn fans about the safety of riding in the back seat.

In an Instagram post, Lachey said, “A word of advice…..always wear your seatbelt when you @uber There is no such thing as a guaranteed safe ride. #datenight.”

Lachey quickly settled the worries of fans who thought that he, Vanessa, or their two children, Camden and Brooklyn, were harmed. The 98 Degrees singer took to Twitter to explain.

“For the record, @VanessaLachey and I are both fine after our little @uber accident. Just a sobering reminder to always buckle up!”

Choosing not to focus on the car accident, Vanessa Lachey instead shared a photo of a group of cast mates and friends while at Universal’s Horror Nights for Halloween.

In a caption, she wrote, “Just hangin with friends….. but…. It’s gettin real here in Hollywood!!! @HorrorNights @UniStudios #UniversalHHN PS: Let’s caption everyone’s expression! Haha!!!”

Horror Nights Instagram photo

Although the two have put their privacy first, Vanessa and Nick do share slices of their life, including special moments with their children.

The last family-related post shared by Vanessa centered around her son Camden’s third birthday. In the photo, Vanessa and Nick look on as Camden is picking out his very own minion at a build-a-bear store.

In a caption, Mrs. Lachey happily shared, “Cam is still on a high from his birthday party! I had sooo much fun planning it! (Can’t wait to share details on my blog soon!) One of my FAVORITE parts was the @BuildABear Minion Station. Every kid got to make their own minion and even give it a heart with a kiss! Thank You @BuildABear for making my little boy so happy on his birthday!”

Camden Lachey

Vanessa welcomed the couple’s second child, daughter Brooklyn, on January 5, 2015. The couple announced the news the following day on Vanessa’s official site. In the announcement, Vanessa recounted just how special welcoming her baby girl would be after her friend told her that she would meet her best friend on that special day. She described the whole experience as magical.

Nick shared the news of Vanessa’s second pregnancy on Twitter on the third anniversary of their marriage. Nick was friends with Vanessa for years prior to the two realizing they had feelings for each other. The two met while Vanessa worked as an MTV VJ and Nick was a singer for the once popular group 98 Degrees.

Prior to Nick’s relationship with Vanessa, he was married to Jessica Simpson. The two naively exploited their marriage by putting their relationship on display in one of the first couple reality shows, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. The couple’s relationship was constantly talked about in the press, with Jessica portrayed as the “dumb” one for her chicken or tuna comment and Nick starring as the begrudging husband. The two were married from 2002 to 2006. They were on the show for three seasons before announcing their separation in 2005.

Of the television series, Lachey said, “You have to do your best to separate the two because you can’t control the way that things are edited, and you can’t control the way the public perceives the way things are edited.”

He added, “You have to really stick to the foundation of your relationship, and don’t get caught up, which is easier said than done because when magazines are writing about you every week, it’s easy to lose sight of what really is your relationship.”

[Photo by Craig Barritt / Getty Images]