Blake Shelton Ready For Kids With A Nice Country Girl

Blake Shelton has been enjoying life since his big divorce from Miranda Lambert. Now it sounds like Shelton is ready to move on, but only if he can find the right girl. Rumors have been flying that he is dating Gwen Stefani, but for now, Blake is totally denying those rumors about him. Celeb Dirty Laundry is sharing that a source close to Shelton says that he is looking for a new woman. When Blake came back to The Voice, it was obvious that he was slimmer, and Blake is acting like his old self once again.

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton recently shared that the divorce is what helped him lose weight. The stress of the separation is what ended up causing the weight loss, but Blake looks great no matter how he took the weight off. He wasn’t working hard in the gym or anything, even though it might look like it. A friend of Blake Shelton spoke out to OK! Magazine about what is going on in Blake’s love life and the kind of girl he is looking for now.

It’s remarkable that he’s not just making it through, but thriving. Blake wants a family and now he is looking for a sweet country girl that is not in the limelight. After a depressing few months he is in a great place. He will be an absolute catch for the right woman.

This really doesn’t fit the Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani rumors. Gwen does already have 3 children from her previous marriage. Gwen is totally in the limelight, though, and of course, she is not very country at all. If Blake Shelton found this kind of girl, then they could travel together and she could even possibly tour with him, depending on what this girl does for a living. Shelton won’t have any problem finding someone who wants to date him, but Blake will just have to make sure he finds a girl who is in it for the right reasons. Women are probably hitting on Blake Shelton everywhere that he goes, so he will have to be careful.

Blake Shelton

News OK recently shared that Blake Shelton has announced that he has a new tour coming. Right now he is busy with The Voice, but that will be over soon, and then it is back to business after. Starting in February, 2016, Shelton will be out on tour once again. He actually announced it to his fans.

“Man, I’m just so excited about 2016. We’ve got a new album coming and I can’t wait to get back out on the road and play some new music for my fans. As an artist, my favorite thing to do is go on the road and play shows. I’ve missed it, and it’s gonna be like old times. So y’all get ready to party, ’cause Blake Shelton is comin to see ya’!”

Blake Shelton may have been through a rough divorce, but it looks like he is back to work and doing just fine. Miranda Lambert recently shared that she has been writing a lot of music since their split. It is unknown if Blake Shelton has been doing the same thing, but hopefully it won’t end up becoming a battle between these two. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are moving on, and so far, they say that they are still buddies.

Do you think that Blake Shelton is still looking for a country girl or did he decide to date Gwen Stefani instead. These two have even admitted that they are close friends, but have denied that it is anything more. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Picture Source Kevin Winter / Getty Images for iHeartMedia]