Pippa Middleton Single & Ready To Mingle: Princess Kate’s Sister Shares Slim Secrets, From Fitness To Chocolate

Pippa Middleton and Kate Middleton pose.

Pippa Middleton and her sister Kate Middleton have enjoyed some fabulous experiences in recent years. There was the royal wedding that transformed Kate into a princess, and the ascent of Pippa to one of the fashion queens of the world. But now, after rumors that Pippa was engaged to be married to boyfriend Nico Jackson, it looks like Middleton will remain single following reports that the two have officially broken up, reported Entertainment Tonight.

After dating for three years, Nico, 37, and Pippa, 32, split two weeks ago, said an insider. Middleton quickly moved on by spending a night with James Matthews, her former boyfriend. Pippa also enjoyed quality time with James and parents Michael and Carole Middleton in St. Barts. However, the insider denied that Pippa will reunite with Matthews.

Perky Pippa Middleton poses.

Middleton recently helped her sister Princess Kate slim down and get healthy after having her second baby, as the Inquisitr reported.

Duchess Kate restored her pre-baby body in just a few months by using Pippa’s suggestions of organic juicing. The Middleton sisters love smoothies and blender beverages so much that the British media came up with the title of “Smoothie Queen.”

Pippa Middleton turned her royal sister onto juicing.

And although Pippa guided them to the juicing diet, now Prince William is fond of it as well.

“She just enjoys green juice in the morning. It’s Kate’s go-to for an extra boost. Pippa was the one who got them into juicing. They all love it!” shared an insider.

But Princess Kate isn’t the only member of the Middleton family to get kudos for her figure. Pippa is renowned for that bikini body, and she works hard to maintain it, reported Us Weekly.

Pippa Middleton shares bikini body secrets.

Middleton credits her perky posterior and fab abs to a combination of a healthy diet and fitness regime. Although some rumors have linked Pippa with the Dukan diet, Middleton denies that she followed the approach. And those who feel that they can’t live without chocolate or red wine (or both) will cheer because Kate’s sister loves those treats too.

“I grew up with the belief that good health is about moderation in all things, so I’ll be celebrating healthy living through exercise, a balanced diet and a little of the naughty stuff sprinkled in — I’m talking chocolate, crisps, and the occasional glass of wine.”

In addition, Pippa revealed that she has not tried the low-carb Atkins diet as well as avoiding the Dukan diet. However, Middleton does bypass white bread and pasta, as well as other refined carbohydrates. Pippa emphasizes portion control, and exercise is key to Middleton’s sleek physique as well as overall health, she shared.

Pippa Middleton shares diet tips.

“I know that if I fit in at least three, ideally five, sessions of exercise a week, be it a 30-minute run, an hour’s walk or a good game of tennis, it boosts my mood and energy, and helps me sleep and digest better. So I make it a priority, whatever the weather or my work schedule,” added Pippa.

Middleton suggests doing a routine three times a week that includes the plank, ladders, plie squats, and wall pushes.

As for those references to the Dukan diet, it’s Pippa’s sister Kate who used the weight loss plan before she was even married, reported the New York Daily News.

The plan is a high-protein, low-carb diet, and Carole Middleton, the mother of the sisters, also used the weight loss plan to get slim before her daughter’s royal wedding. Pierre Dukan, who created the diet, revealed that Carole was especially fond of the cottage cheese and shrimp allowed on his diet.

Dukan described his diet as efficient. The plan is in phases, ranging from Attack (pure protein) to Cruise (some veggies) to Consolidate (add in fruit, select carbs and cheese), and the final Permanent Stabilization phase.

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