Louis Tomlinson Shows Liam Payne That ‘Bromance’ Is Still Strong

The internet went crazy last week when Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne appeared to fall out during One Direction’s performance in Manchester, England. Reports began to emerge claiming that Tomlinson and Payne had a major onstage spat after a fan posted a video online. The video appeared to show Payne shouting at Tomlinson, who appeared to shove his bandmate. Both Liam and Louis later mocked suggestions that they had fallen out. Tomlinson and Payne are well known for messing around onstage, and Liam took to Twitter to claim that he and Louis had been fooling around.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Louis also made light of the alleged spat when he posted a picture of himself and Liam nose to nose with each other on his Instagram feed. Louis joked that Liam had better “watch his back.”

Yahoo! Celebrity reports that Liam and Louis were up to their old tricks during One Direction’s show in Birmingham over the weekend. Louis got into a play fight with his bandmate on stage, and during the ensuing tussle, it looked like the pair touched lips.

One Direction fans are famed for their ability to spread even the slightest whiff of news or rumor about the boys across the internet quicker than you can say Twitter. Once again, this proved to be the case as Louis and Liam’s “tender moment” spread like wildfire and spawned a series of hilarious memes. Within minutes, Directioners were trending the hashtag #LILOKiss.


Of course, the so-called “Larry shippers,” the fans who insist that Louis is in a secret gay relationship with Harry Styles, had a field day. Suggestions that Harry would be upset at Louis’ infidelity were soon doing the rounds.


Of course, no one is suggesting that Liam and Louis were getting loved-up on stage, but One Direction fans will be pleased to see that the boys have no intention of letting stories get in the way of their having a bit of fun onstage.

In other Louis Tomlinson news, it appears that Louis may have upset some fans after some strange comments appeared on a One Direction fan’s Twitter feed.


Unreality TV report that it appears that the fan page @The1DHotSeat has suggested that Louis may have been rude to some fans. As yet, no details have emerged about the alleged incident, but the fan page suggests that Louis needs to apologize to the fans concerned.

Louis seems to be very busy at present, and it seems that he has now submitted the paperwork necessary to set up his own record company. Louis has registered the company as Triple Strings Ltd and listed its trading address as Sony’s offices in London. It is believed that Tomlinson has already signed former X-Factor finalist Jack Walton to his label.

It has been widely reported that Tomlinson will be spending much of his time during One Direction’s hiatus on developing his record company project. As things develop, it doesn’t seem that Louis is going to have much time to relax during One Direction’s break. Louis will become a father for the first time in the new year, and it is being widely reported that he will be a member of the judging panels on both America’s Got Talent and the UK version of X-Factor.

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]