Justin Bieber Breaks Up With Current "Love" On Instagram, Teases New Dance Video, Unveils Shirtless Album Artwork

Fresh from the Penisgate scandal (where a naked photo of Justin in Bora Bora got #whatdoyoupeen trending), an outing with Kourtney Kardashian, and a faux-war with the members of One Direction in which Bieber taunted the 1D boys about the daunting prospect of releasing an album on the same day as his (Bieber's Purpose and One Direction's Made In The AM will both be out on November 13), Justin Bieber has taken to Instagram to deal some love devastation the likes of which have not been seen since fangirls discovered he was dating Selena Gomez.

"I'm seein' other dogs," Justin tells his adorable puppy Esther, who is visibly ecstatic to be paid the attention, wagging her tail, taking jittery steps on Justin's bedsheet, and flattening her ears with an adoring submissiveness not captured on film since Maggie Gyllenhaal played a lovestruck sexual submissive in 2002's BDSM classic Secretary.

Justin's playful reference to his own "player" status comes at an appropriate time. The Penisgate pictures, captured against Bieber's will while he was holidaying with sexy fling Jayde Pierce in Bora Bora (previously reported by The Daily Mail), were apparently grabbed with a telephoto lens by a smart paparazzo who capitalized on the "passionate" couple's habit of walking around naked all day.

Jayde Pierce, an Instagram model and Youtube beauty vlogger, has mastered the art of the humblebrag and the #hotgirlproblems (an offshoot of #firstworldproblems) social media status update, once declaring on Twitter that she wishes her breasts were smaller because "all clothes made these days look good on small boobies".
Jayde's Instagram displays the British beauty's interests, obsessions and strengths in neat cross-section. The (uncharacteristically clothed) shot of her with Justin Bieber - who reportedly contacted Jayde after he saw her sexy pictures - sits alongside pictures with gal pals, snippets from makeup tutorials, and photos of Jayde in a calm bedroom interior full of white flowers and Buddha motifs. Jayde even manages to fuse her two loves - makeup and modelling - by alternating revealing shots of her tanned booty with clever promo shots of makeup palettes (both in the same exotic location).
Although she is reportedly enjoying regular hot sex with the Purpose hunk, Jayde cannot count Bieber as her third love - he has stated in interviews that the relationship is not serious and that he "needs to be alone" for a while following the breakup with ex Selena Gomez.

Indeed, no sooner had Bieber returned from Bora Bora than he was spotted out with another model and rumored fling, Hailey Baldwin. Hours later Justin was seen on what many (including Radar) said looked like a "date" with Kourtney Kardashian (he has previously been linked, rather more believably, to Kourtney's stunning sister Kendall Jenner).

Bieber confirmed to Ryan Seacrest earlier this year that the adorable Esther (who can be seen here leaping across a Brooklyn Projects ramp with a reckless daring that puts the toughs in Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" video to shame) is the only girl in his life in a serious way right now. And it's a good thing - the pop idol has that new album coming out next month and has just unveiled the artwork on his own Instagram:Earlier today, Justin also posted a clip that shows what looks like a snippet of a dance routine from the hard-bodied crooner's next music video:Are you looking forward to hearing Purpose by Justin Bieber? Do you think Justin has good taste in women? Tell us in the comments.

[Image via Getty Images]