Oregon Shooting Victim Sarena Moore Didn’t Die Alone, Wheelchair Bound Victim’s Service Dog Remained By Her Side

Oregon shooting victim Sarena Moore was shot to death as she struggled to get out of her wheelchair. Witnesses say the deranged gunman ordered the 44-year-old mother-of-three to exit her wheelchair. However, as the woman struggled, the gunman shot her, along with eight of her classmates. Her service dog, Bullet, remained by her side throughout her final moments, and now her family says having Bullet is like having a piece of Sarena back.

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The Daily Mail reports that Oregon shooting victim Sarena Moore was shot to death in the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg while she was still in her wheelchair. The 44-year-old woman was wheelchair bound and always had her service dog Bullet by her side. Her family says the day she was gunned down was no different. As the depraved shooter claimed the life of the beloved mother of three, her faithful dog Bullet remained by her side until her final moments.

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Sarena’s fiance Travis Dow says that the police have handed over Bullet to the family following the harrowing ordeal. He says that having Bullet back is like having a piece of Sarena back. However, he says Bullet is not the same after the ordeal. He notes that the dog seems more “droppy” and that he “knows” his owner isn’t come back.

“He’s been acting really droopy. He knows she ain’t coming home ’cause he was there when the fatal day happened.”

According to NY Daily News, Sarena Moore was a devoted Seventh Day Adventist who had become wheelchair-bound in recent years. Her family says Sarena relied on her faith and Bullet to help ease her extreme daily pain. Sarena also loved animals and had dreamed of opening a ranch that would allow handicapped children to ride horses. In fact, it was this dream that led Sarena Moore to Umpqua Community College. Moore’s fiance says she had hoped to earn a business degree to help achieve her dream.

“She was going for a business degree, her dream, her one dream is to open a ranch and train kids who are handicapped to ride horses.”

Pastor Christian Martin of the Grants Pass Seventh Day Adventist church says he was present when Moore’s wheelchair was returned to her family along with Bullet. He says it was an emotional moment for the family and that her son noted that there were no bullet holes in the chair. He said that Moore was loved at the church and that her death was especially heartbreaking as he knows how much she had to sacrifice to get as far as she did in life.

Umpqua shooting victim Sarena Moore's dog Bullet mourns her death

I was just heartbroken, especially because I knew the sacrifice she took to actually get that far. She was in her mid-40s, divorced. You know it wasn’t easy for her to get back to school. Knowing the sacrifice to get her there is really devastating.”

Sarena Moore was slated to marry her fiance Travis Dow in January. Now Dow says he will just be haunted by the last words that he heard from Sarena before her death “Baby, I love you.”

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