British 10-Year-Old Girl Shaves Head To Raise Money For Hospice That Cared For Her Father

This touching yet sad story comes courtesy of a little girl in the U.K., who decided to shave her head to raise funds for the hospice that took care of her father in the final days of his life. Tallulah Schulz has demonstrated a surprising degree of awareness of her dad’s health condition. Tallulah’s mother, Lewis Schulz, first admitted how apprehensive she was at her daughter’s decision. At the time, she believed her husband and partner of over 18 years might not have approved of such a brave decision. However, her daughter convinced her of how well the hospital’s staff treated her father and was later of the opinion that her father would have been very proud. Tallulah herself was very proud of the decision and believed it was worth the fight.

“I am determined to raise as much money as possible because the Severn Hospice helped and supported my family in every way possible and took such great care of my fantastic dad whilst he was terminally ill.”

The article as detailed on the site 9 News stated that her mother Lewis-Schulz started a fundraiser page called JustGiving, in an effort to aid her daughter’s response to her father’s condition. Lucy Raff of the Severn Hospice’s fundraising staff commended Tallulah’s actions. She gushed that the young girl was really quite amazing and how thankful they were for all that she had done for Severn Hospice. The steps she took to raise the funds led to the generation of 5,950 Pounds Sterling. This incredible feat was a testament of her dedication and commitment to a cause she believed in at a very young age. Tallulah also made it clear that her hair would be donated to children with cancer who had lost their own hair due to the cancer treatments.

ABC News, in an interview with Tallulah’s mother, had indicated how immensely proud she was of her for taking all these steps. She mentioned that her husband, who had passed away only three days after her and her partner of 18 years had wed. The husband, Andreas was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away only 6 weeks later. The act was even more moving as she had publicly had her head shaved in a buzz cut style right in front of her classmates. Tallulah demonstrated her strength and courage to persevere and has certainly inspired the staff of Severn Hospice and her mother Lewis-Schulz.

According to the comments from Lucy Raff, on behalf of Severn Hospice, she had stated that their efforts are highly dependent on the community to donate as much as 7 million Pounds Sterling a year. Tallulah’s actions have certainly proved to them that no matter the age if the will is present then a profound impact can be made and this time it was a successful endeavor. Lewis-Schulz went on further to say that the family will continue to provide their donations to the staff of Severn Hospice through personal delivery.

Yahoo was quick to recognize the fact that many would be impressed if more teenagers and perhaps young adults took such wonderful steps to display their appreciation for of those around them. However, Tallulah surpassed all expectations in terms of her maturity and empathy for other children and families experiencing similar pains of battling cancer. The daughter of Andreas, got the idea by listening to a radio program known as “Brave the Shave” where participants shaved their heads as fundraisers for cancer patients.

Tallulah bravely followed in their footsteps as she strengthens her mother’s will to live with these actions. The family has surely grown in strength and continues to inspire others by following through on their promises to further their philanthropist efforts. Tallulah has certainly done her community, family and her father proud.

[Photo Courtesy of Facebook Video Screencap]