‘The X-Files’ Debuts Season 10 Video At NYC Comic Con, Watch Fox Mulder And Dana Scully’s Return

'The X-Files' Debuts Season 10 Video At NYC Comic Con, Watch Fox Mulder And Dana Scully's Return

As The X-Files debuts Chris Carter’s revival of the famous SciFi series, the initial reaction to episode 1 of X-Files Season 10 has some fans saying they “want to believe” in the series return, but so far early reviews from New York City Comic Con are not promising. One of the biggest complaints is how the relationship of Fox Mulder And Dana Scully has been handled, but others seem to think the conspiracy theory at the center of the plot reads like fan faction.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the new real world technology introduced since The X-Files Season 9 first aired promises to make things difficult for the Smoking Man, never mind any erstwhile investigators wishing to work under the radar.

When the screening of The X-Files Season 10 began, reports from NYC Comic Con says the excitement could be felt in the air. As The X-Files debuts, everyone was silent as a long-winded voiceover explains what has happened in the long years since the series ended, where any backstory was simplified to the point that a new audience could understand what is going on, while old fans could appreciate the references. Although the FBI officially shut down the X-Files project down in the past, there is still truth to be found out there.

The first episode revealed the beginnings of a complicated new conspiracy theory, and The X-Files debuts a new character named Tad O’Malley, who is a conservative net-based news network host. The latest conspiracy involves some sort of new world order, or one world government, and O’Malley calls their plot “the most evil conspiracy the world has ever known.” Gillian Andersons’ character is of course skeptical of such ideas, but the strings-pulling Smoking Man once again seems to be up to mischief.

There are some key character differences from the past. Fox Mulder is beaten down by the years of searching for the truth, with aliens and UFOs being punchlines made by President Obama, and Mulder’s “I Want To Believe” poster is even symbolically ripped in half. Scully remains somewhat the same, although now she is a surgeon instead of an FBI special agent.

Of course, what may irk some fans is the way The X-Files debuts their new relationship status. For the longest time any love life was always in the background, but now Fox Mulder and Dana Scully’s split is made clear.

“We do it in an interesting way,” The X-Files creator Chris Carter said. “We play with that relationship [in the event series]. We put some of the tension back in that was relieved by them being together. It added to the storytelling opportunities. It’s something that I came up with; I had been thinking about it. There was always talk of [breaking them up] if we did another movie.”

Unfortunately, Indie Wire reports that their new relationship comes off as awkward. What’s worse, they claim the “new characters are treated as stereotypes,” and “much of the plot itself was too convoluted.” They gave the first episode of The X-Files Season 10 only a C+, and ended with this review.

“Keeping in mind this is only one-sixth of the series set to debut this January, there’s plenty of time to recover…. Season 10 could still be a very welcome revival. But after one hour, I seem stuck in a strange place of wishing there were more episodes coming — giving them more time to work out the kinks — and wishing we would’ve never awoken this massive beast at all. While things could get better, they could also get a lot worse.”

TheX-Files debuts Season 10 for everyone else in January of 2016.

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