Dog-O-Matic Dog Washing Machine – What will PETA say about this?

A french inventor, Romain Jarry, has invented a dog washing machine called the Dog-o-Matic, which can best be deacribed as hybrid laundry machine/car wash for dogs.

There’s one Dog-O-Matic machine in operation right now in France and it’s been so well received by dog owners that the inventor is planning on expanding into the UK. Basically, the Dog-O-Matic works like a washing machine at your local laundromat. You choose the wash, rinse and dry cycles according to your dog’s size and type of fur, pay the fee which varies between $20 and $45 USD, put your dog inside and close the door. It takes about 20 minutes to fully complete the wash and dry cycles and bingo, squeaky clean dog.

In the photos, the dog inside the machine looks terrified but the inventor says dogs love it and there’s never been an injury to any dogs yet as a result of being in the machine.

Wait til PETA gets wind of the Dog-O-Matic and sees photos of the traumatized dogs.


[Photo: Gamma via DailyMail]