President Obama Spoof: Viral ‘Back To Back’ Response To Donald Trump’s Derogatory Comments

“Oh man…,” President Obama impersonator, comedian and rapper Iman Crosson — aka Alphacat — just gave a hilarious audio-visual of what it’d be like if the president responded to Donald Trump’s comments, over Drake’s “Back to Back.”

If you’ve not followed the presidential campaign, Donald Trump has made many derogatory comments about runners, communities, and the current president, Barack Obama. One in particular, in July 2015, Trump said that he believes President Obama is the worst POTUS the country’s ever seen. According to IMDb News, the presidential candidate also said that the United States and its citizens are tired of incompetent politicians running the country. As if his own political background is extensive?

Well, as a comical-but-clever response to Trump’s statements, Iman Crosson did his own rendition of Drake’s “Back to Back” diss track. Originally, Drizzy’s track was made as a insult to rapper Meek Mill — also Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend and rumored fiancé.

While there are several social memes about President Barack Obama and hypothetical firebacks at the corporate tycoon, there really haven’t been others to do it like this. In actuality, “Alphacat” has done parodies concerning Mr. POTUS for years. However, this one has gotten a lot more attention.

For one, the presidential campaign will be coming to a close soon. It’s an important topic that everyone’s gearing up to experience. It’s a decision that will affect everyone in the United States — actually, the world.

To sidestep for the moment, “America” is known as one of the world’s superpowers… but best known as “the land of the free.” With all of Donald Trump’s biases against those foreign to the nation, questions have arisen about whether that phrase will hold its potency any longer, globally — should the billionaire candidate be elected.

According to Donald’s official campaign website, one of his focuses would be to end birthright citizenship here in the States. That’s a major blow to the world’s view of being “free” from any oppressive nation via this country. Many believe — and prove — that, if they are just able to make it to the U.S., they could give their children better. There are several immigrants, now, nationals. By whatever processes they underwent while in illegal status, they did what they had to do until they obtained appropriate documentation and accommodation. Some of them even own businesses here.

While they’re not the ones who’d be deported, this country’s reputation is everything, right? New York University says that reputation is when someone believes you to be something — whether you are or not. Relevantly, the institution notes the value of reputation in a quote from a 1931 essayist. It goes as follows.

“Our names are labels, plainly printed on the bottled essence of our past behavior.”

As the past shows, this country has been known to the world as a safe haven of sorts. Would that reputation be tarnished, if not already?

To digress, another reason this video has gone and is continually going viral is due to Drake’s recent success with his win over Meek Mill. And seeing that President Obama won consecutive terms, it’s only feasible and logical that Alphacat would use the “Back to Back” theme as an appropriate diss track.

In the first verse, he talked about Trump’s perceived inability to “make America great again.”

“Can’t fool my country, man, they know what’s up/I wrote these bars while Michelle gave me a shoulder rub/You’ll make America better? I laughed so hard, I’m crying/’MmmmmmOhMyGod, why you always lying’?”

Of course, the last bar was a take of the recent, viral rendition of Next’s 1997 hit release, “Too Close.” It’s called “Why You Always Lying?”.

In the second verse, he puts his own spin on Drizzy’s “I don’t wanna hear about this ever again” as follows.

“Now, I don’t wanna hear about this ever again/Not even in the end, when he don’t even win/Not even when you tell me ‘Bama tell’m again’/He’ll say anything for press, but he hates ‘Fox and Friends’…OOOOh!”

Maybe give the video a chance. If anything, it’s entertaining, to say the least. Feel free to leave comments in the section below.

[Image Courtesy of Twitter]