Ariana Grande Halloween Costume Ideas For Anyone

Ariana Grande is actually one of this year's Halloween costume choices. But you don't have to have the singer's budget or size to dress up like her.

In fact, you can create a plus size Ariana Grande Halloween costume with just four items, as previously mentioned by Bustle. To get the "Break Free" singer's look, you will need a black bodysuit (either with sleeves or with full-length pants), black over-the-knee boots, cat ears, and of course, her signature ponytail. You can't go without having Grande's trademark straight ponytail. If you have short hair, you can fake it with a faux hair ponytail extension, sold at most drug stores.

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)
(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

There's another creative way to create an Ariana Grande Halloween costume this year, especially if you're on a tight budget. Instead of dishing out $60 or more for a costume, you can just use the items lying around your house to transform into the singer. In order to look like Ariana herself, you will only need the following: two large cotton balls as earrings, white nail polish, a faux half-moon tattoo on the left side of your neck, and a scrunch or hairband to pull your hair up in a half ponytail. Other acceptable options include a wig, or hair extensions.

And the last item you will need is a dog like one of seven Ariana Grande's dogs. If you don't have a dog lying around your house, you can always carry around a stuffed animal.

If you not an adult or college student, but you still want to dress up like the petite diva for Halloween, you can dress up as sexy Ariana Grande. Check out the video below for some tips and tricks on how to perfect your costume.

Need other options on how to dress up like the "One Last Time" singer? You can use Grande's controversial moment as inspiration for your Halloween costume. That's right. Dress up as Ariana Grande licking a donut. The only props you'll need are a fake (or a real) tongue, donuts (or toy donuts), a baggy gray sweatshirt, and a high ponytail. According to a previous report via the Huffington Post, this will only cost you less than $10. If people ask who you are, then you can act like Grande and say, "I hate America" while licking your donuts. Bonus points for asking to be carried around like a baby all night.

The Ariana Grande "Donutgate" scandal is also the perfect costume idea for couples. You can have your significant other wear a donut costume as you dress up like the cute and adorable singer. At the party, lick your "donut" guy so that people get the point.

 (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)
(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Why should you dress up like Ariana Grande this Halloween, you ask? There's no doubt that the singer has been making headlines when it comes to her high-profiled relationships, her thoughts on feminism, and her hit songs. Grande is also the perfect idol for young girls since she's always about embracing body positivity and tackling misogyny. Who knew that there were so many ways to dress up like the singer? You can also use this other costume idea from Bustle.

  1. Cat Ears
  2. Black mesh bodysuit with cutouts
  3. Clear raincoat
  4. Black over-the-knee platform boots
  5. Black choker
  6. High ponytail
This costume idea also works, as well.
  1. Crop top
  2. Silver metallic skater skirt
  3. Cat ears
  4. Toy donut
  5. Fuchsia lipstick
As you see, you don't have to have the same size or budget to dress up like the pop tart. All of these props and clothes are easy to find. Are you planning to dress up as Ariana Grande this Halloween? If so, share your costume ideas below in the comments section.

[Image: Photo by Jones Crow/Universal Orlando Resort via Getty Images]