WWE Rumors, Spoilers: What Will Happen On ‘Raw’ – The New Day Emerges, Will Brock Lesnar Appear?

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As WWE gets ever closer to Hell In A Cell coming up in just two weeks, a lot is going on with new matches being added and the focus being spread around. The New Day has made a huge name for themselves and the full attention isn’t just on the WWE Title, but on a stable that is getting stronger each week. On Monday Night Raw, who will stand up to the trio and will Brock Lesnar be there?

The end of last week’s Raw saw The New Day really step it up and show how powerful a force they are in WWE. Even though outnumbered 4-3 by the Dudley Boyz, John Cena, and Dolph Ziggler, the trombone-toting tag champs still came out on top.

the new day dudley boyz

It honestly wouldn’t be surprising to see one of the members of The New Day with a mid-card title like the United States or Intercontinental Title soon. The Shield did it when they were together, and it could lead to the stable having multiple titles at one time.

WWE released their Five-Point Preview for this week’s Monday Night Raw and a big focus is on what The New Day could do. Still, there is a lot more going on and it could lead an an explosive episode as the build for Hell In A Cell continues.

1. Dawning of a New Day?

It truly is the dawning of The New Day, and they’ve become one of the most dominating forces in all of wrestling right now. The last two weeks, Xavier Woods and Big E challenged for John Cena‘s United States Title so will it be Kofi Kingston’s turn to try and win it?

The New Day is one of the best things going in WWE or any wrestling promotion right now, and they are going to do nothing but get bigger.

2. A hell of an ultimatum

Kane (both versions) received an ultimatum last week. If Demon Kane loses to Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell, then Corporate Kane will lose his job as Director of Operations for WWE. It’s really hard to think that Rollins will end up losing the WWE Title to Kane, but stranger things have happened.

wwe hell in a cell rollins kane

3. The ‘Big’ comeback

Brock Lesnar is not likely to show up on Raw this week, and that means Big Show may look somewhat dominating again. Lesnar has brought the big man down to a very small size in the past two weeks and WWE reports that Show has “steam to regain” so he may end up getting into a new program of some sort soon.

4. No ring on the finger, you must not linger

Even though the storyline has Summer Rae having to wait for an engagement ring until boyfriend Rusev has a ring on his finger, it’s mirroring real life in a way. TMZ Sports reported that Rusev and real-life girlfriend Lana are now indeed engaged and she does have a ring on her finger.

rusev lana engaged wwe

This storyline really doesn’t have much aim for Rusev as he’s kind of involved in the Intercontinental Title chase, but kind of not. Kevin Owens and Ryback will have a rematch at Hell In A Cell, but Rusev is just kind of there so who knows where this is going.

5. Beware of The Boss

Charlotte may be the WWE Divas Champion, but it’s Sasha Banks who looks like she is rising to the top. The former NXT star tore the house down against Bayley in the main event of NXT Takeover: Respect last week, and now she appears set to move to the top on the WWE main roster.

This week’s Monday Night Raw is going to be a big one and no matter what rumors or spoilers are out there, some surprises are always in store. Brock Lesnar’s “Go To Hell Tour” may not continue this week, but next week will be huge. Still, WWE could very well shock the world and surprise everyone.

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