10-Year-Old Boy Shot, Killed During Hunting Trip: Utah Boy Accidentally Shot And Killed During Hunting Trip

Boy Shot And Killed Hunting Trip

A 10-year-old boy was accidentally shot and killed during a hunting trip in Utah. The incident occurred Saturday in a remote area of northern Utah. Cache County sheriff say that the boy was on the floorboard of a 4-wheeler trying to keep warm when a hunting companion pulled up alongside the vehicle. As the man was climbing off the ATV, he removed his rifle and it accidentally discharged.

WGN-TV reports that deputies were called to the scene of a reported shooting around 7:30 p.m. at the far southeast corner of a Forest Service area in Cache County. The 10-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene after first responders arrived.

Chief Deputy Matt Bilodeau shares that no charges against the hunting companion who accidentally shot and killed the boy during the hunting trip were being filed. It appears to be completely accidental.

KSL reports that those dispatched when the accidental shooting occurred was a A Life Flight helicopter, Cache County Sheriff’s office, Cache County Search and Rescue, and Logan City Paramedics. They found him unconscious on the floorboard of the ATV. They say he was trying to shield himself from the wind by keeping low on the bottom of the 4-wheeler.

The Utah boy shot and killed during the hunting trip hasn’t been identified.

The boy shot and killed on a hunting trip happened in a remote area in Utah (Photo Credit: KSL screenshot).

Bilodeau released a statement in response to the young victim’s untimely death.

“As you can imagine, the family is devastated. During an outing meant to create memories, enjoy nature, and bring family and friends closer, to have something like this happen is just unimaginable. Please pray for their family.”

Several children have been victims of accidental shootings. Often a pistol or rifle discharges by accident because certain safety precautions aren’t taken. Most of the time, adults in these situations have good intentions, believing that the firearm is locked up or has some other safety feature activated. It’s unknown why the rifle fired in this story, with a bullet striking the child. Specific details haven’t been released.

According to ABC 7, another boy was shot and killed during a hunting trip… this time in Tulare County, California. The tragedy involved a 16-year-old who was shot in the Horse Meadow area of the Sequoia National Forest around 7 a.m. on October 4.

Tulare County sheriff’s deputies say that the teen was walking in front of his group of friends and family behind some brush. Another hunter on the other side shot at him — striking him in the torso. The teen was rushed to a ranger station for medical help, but died from his injury.

Thought no arrests have been made, the sheriff’s office and the California Department of Fish and Game are still investigating what also appears to be an accidental shooting during a hunting trip.

The 16-year-old was identified as Luke Burns, whom many in the small community of Exeter are mourning. It’s reportedly the hardest on Luke’s twin brother, Levi Burns. He says that “it sucks” and that “no should have to go through this.”

Second Amendment has its share of opposition (Photo Credit: Getty Images).

The Inquisitr has covered a plethora of tragic stories that involve children and teens getting shot and killed by accident. It’s a rough reality, especially right now. Second Amendment debates are raging all around the nation. In light of the school shootings, police shootings, and other gun violence, it’s turned everything upside-down. Americans fear for their safety on a daily basis, and politicians are making stricter gun control their central platform for the 2016 presidential race. Presidential candidates are making bold comments daily regarding their stands on the Second Amendment, concealed carry, assault weapons, and everything in between.

News stories like the one about the Utah boy who was accidentally shot and killed on a hunting trip will no doubt spark further debate.

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