WWE News: John Cena’s Time Off A Hot Topic Backstage

Current WWE United States champion John Cena is scheduled to take some time off after Hell in a Cell and the reason why has people backstage talking, according to PWInsider, via Daily Wrestling News.

When the news came out that Cena, a notorious workhorse for the WWE, would be taking time off for a non-injury related reason, it raised more than few eyebrows. Outside of major injuries to his neck, pectoral muscle, and elbow, Cena has been a fixture on WWE television for over a decade.

Even when filming a movie or making a CD, Cena has been able to be on WWE television while taking on a lighter wrestling schedule.

According to the report, Cena’s return is scheduled for WWE’s “annual post-Christmas WWE live event loop.” That gives him about two months off. Two reasons that have been discounted as possibilities for Cena’s two-month break are an undisclosed injury and tying the knot with Nikki Bella, something that has been made a storyline on the reality series Total Divas.

WWE's John Cena and Nikki Bella not getting married.

With those two things off the table, that makes the reason for Cena’s end of the year vacation a mystery. General fatigue? Outside commitments? A character change? The possibilities are endless.

The report mentions that several co-workers have reached out to Cena and ask if everything is all right with him. However, the 15-time World champion has offered little in way of an explanation. Instead, the “Cenation” leader has reportedly insisted that he is doing fine and everything is all right. Yet, the last part of the story is perhaps the most intriguing.

Cena has reportedly told some people within the company that when the reason for his time off is revealed, everybody will begin to see that his break is a “good thing.” But he was still “guarded” with the information, or lack thereof regarding his status.

As the current United States champion, Cena will almost certainly lose the championship at some point prior to his scheduled time off. Whether it be at Hell in a Cell, or the Monday Night RAW the next night. At this point, Cena does not have a scheduled opponent for his championship. Ever since he won the championship back from Seth Rollins at Night of Champions, Cena began his United States Open Challenge’s every week, daring anybody on the roster to step up and take the gold from him.

WWE SummerSlam 2015

Thus far, Xavier Woods and Big E have challenged Cena for the gold, unsuccessfully. That leaves one member of The New Day to challenge Cena for the title. Also, Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus have been rumored to be potential challenger for Cena. Yet, no long term storyline appears to be in place.

So, maybe somebody could be heading to the main roster from NXT to challenge Cena for the title. From a pure speculation standpoint, perhaps somebody like Samoa Joe could accept Cena’s challenge, win the gold and “injure” Cena, taking him out of action indefinitely. That is one potential reason for Cena taking two months off.

Still, Cena reportedly telling talents that the reason for his vacation being a “good thing” leaves a lot to the imagination. Cena has stated on several occasions that the WWE is his life and biggest priority. Therefore, would almost certainly not be taking a break if there wasn’t a “good reason” behind it.

Hell in a Cell is two weeks away. An event that will be headlined by Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker inside the Hell in a Cell structure, Seth Rollins vs. Kane for the WWE World Heavyweight championship, and Cena’s last match for about two months.

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