Josie Cunningham Says She Had Abortion So She Could Get A Nose Job

About a week ago, mode Josie Cunningham revealed that she had an abortion because she wanted to go and get a nose job. According to the Daily Mail, Cunningham, 25, said she wants to get a nose job because she wants to become a porn and a glamour model. Apparently, Cunningham said that it is her dream to be a porn and glamour model.

Cunningham made the decision to get an abortion after she saw a few doctors and was told that they wouldn't give her a nose job because she was pregnant.

She has already had her breasts done, but Cunningham said that if she wants to be successful in the adult industry, then she needed to get her face done too. As for what Cunningham had to say about what people think about her decision, she said people can hate her. Cunningham added that pregnancy wasn't going to do her any favors, as it was going to ruin her chance of being able to make it.

Instead of lying around on a sofa with fat ankles and nine months pregnant, Cunningham will be posing for glamour shots next year. At least that's what Cunningham says, and she said that this was her decision and nobody else's.

According to International Business Times, Cunningham said that nobody had the right to criticize her until they are the ones who are putting food on the table for the kids she has. Cunningham said that it was her body and her decision. Also, Cunningham said that she consulted with a cosmetic surgery before she even found out she was pregnant.

Cunningham isn't happy about the decision, as she acknowledged that it was bad timing. She also said she was sad, but if she weren't to carry out her plans, then that would have made her more sad.

As for whether or not the pregnancy was planned, Cunningham insists that it wasn't planned. Cunningham was seeing someone she liked, but when the two got intimate, the condom split, according to Cunningham. According to News, Cunningham said she had plans to take the morning after pill, but she didn't get around to it. The reason why is because Cunningham had a photoshoot to do that morning, so she didn't get around to going to the pharmacy to get the pill.


Cunningham said that there are times that you have to put your career first, and she thought she was safe.

This isn't the first time that Cunningham has made headlines for something controversial. Cunningham once made headlines because she ended up getting $10,000 worth of cosmetic surgery. It was controversial because Cunningham got the surgery courtesy the NHS, which is the U.K.'s national health service. Cunningham once claimed that she was tricked into giving birth with her boyfriend, who apparently pretended to be a football player.

Last year, Cunningham made headlines when she announced she was going to get an abortion when she was pregnant with her youngest child. However, it wasn't because she wanted to get cosmetic surgery. It was because Cunningham said she was offered a spot on the reality show Big Brother. The model didn't go through with the procedure, and that was amid a bunch of backlash that she received after she announced that she wanted to get an abortion.

Aside from aspiring to become an adult film actress, Josie launched a dating site. The dating site is aimed at women who are wanting to get pregnant. Also, last month Josie found herself in court, where she was cleared of a revenge porn charge. She was accused of posting a naked photo of her ex on Twitter.


[Photo by Josie Cunningham/Twitter]