UConn Students Create Fundraiser For Workers Attacked In Bizarre Mac And Cheese Incident

uconn mac and cheese fundraiser

The University of Connecticut made news last week over a viral video that captured one student’s profanity-laden rant after he was refused service at the student union, but the workers he abused may have the last laugh now that a GoFundMe campaign has been set up for them.

Last week, UConn student Luke Gatti, 19, ensured that his name will live in viral infamy when he headed to the student union for some jalapeno mac and cheese. He might have walked out with his snack, but a manager saw him pull out an alcoholic beverage and take a swig, at which point Gatti was asked to leave.

jalapeno mac and cheese rant

In a profanity-laden rant that lasted over nine minutes, Gatti demanded some jalapeno mac and cheese, insulted the manager, did very little to prove he wasn’t intoxicated, and ultimately got physical. When other students and employees at the student union tried to step in, he took them on as well.

At one point, Gatti noticed he was being filmed and flashed a smile at the camera. In his mind, he must have been in the right, because he told the manager, “This is going to be posted somewhere. And you’re going to look like a f— tool.”

luke gatti mac and cheese

According to a report by Newsday, Gatti was arrested, and he is scheduled to appear in court October 13.

You can watch the full video below, but be warned that it is chock full of uncreative swearing.

The food court manager may get his day in court too, but in the meantime, other UConn students have his back.

The AP reports, via US News & World Report, that UConn students have created a GoFundMe campaign to benefit the employees of the food court who were subjected to Gatti’s mac and cheese rant.

The GoFundMe campaign is the work of UConn student Sadie Rumsey and her friends, according to the AP, and as of this writing it has already drawn over $1,300 in donations.

“A top-20 research university shouldn’t have to be redeeming its name after one bad egg goes and ruins our reputation,” freshman Sadie Rumsey told the AP.

On the GoFundMe page, Rumsey explains that she and fellow campaign organizer Olivia Korte are both regular patrons of the Union Street Market, where the incident took place. The intent of the campaign is to purchase a gift certificate for a local restaurant, which would then be presented to the employees of at the Union Street Market who were subjected to Gatti’s verbal and physical abuse.

The GoFundMe was originally set at a lower amount, but Rumsey has upped the goal amount more than once, and it currently sits at $1,000 with over $1,300 raised.

Although the campaign has already hit– and beat — its goal in just a few days, there are a few potential problems with the campaign.

On the GoFundMe page, Rumsey notes that she is “working closely with UConn administration to ensure that the employees will be within the confines of the rules of the union when receiving this gift.”

According to the AP report, the problem there is that both state law and policies at the University of Connecticut prevent food service workers from accepting gifts in relation to their employment.

The other problem is that Dave Robinson, the manager Gatti cursed at, shoved, and spat on, may not be around to receive the gift. The AP reports that a UConn contact indicated that Robinson had already decided to move away from Connecticut.

That was some last night on the job.

What do you think about using crowdfunding like this to raise money for Robinson and the other UConn food court employees who had to deal with the mac and cheese incident?

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