Kylie Jenner and Tyga Love Each Other And This Is Why

Kylie Jenner loves Tyga and isn’t worried about saying so out loud and often. After showing fans around her $2.7 million house with its framed mugshot of Tyga in the place of honor, Kylie livestreamed with Tyga on her new app Hollywood Life reports that the couple surprised their fans “with an impromptu Q&A session” on the app where they talked about their relationship.

The 18-year-old Keeping Up the Kardashians star has been dating the 25-year-old rapper for a while, but only publicly admitted to it last March. They stayed lowkey with their love until after Kylie turned 18 last August, but ever since then, the couple have been going “more and more public.”

The Mirror reported on what Kylie had to say about why she is so attracted to Tyga. Turns out Kylie is a “big fan” of her boyfriend’s sense of humor.

“What I love about you is that you’re funny, and you make me laugh. And that you motivate me.”

Aw! Tyga liked what his girlfriend said, and “got in the good books” when he had something equally loving to say about her.

“You’re very energetic and joyful all the time – in the morning, at night, you’re just always fun, always smiling. You never have a negative energy, you know?”

Kylie liked that answer and went into a bit more detail, giving fans a glimpse of the day-to-day that helps make their relationship work.

“And you always listen to me when I talk to you about girl s*** and my life that you probably don’t want to hear. But you sit there and listen. I think it’s nice.”

Fans loved the way Kylie and Tyga were so candid about their lives.

During the livestream, Tyga looked like he probably is a good listener. He was “quiet” and admitted to being “a little nervous” about doing it. “I’m not good at that, doing interviews,” he said afterwards. “I’m very, very shy.”

Being shy probably doesn’t help when they have to deal with the “negative attention” that so often comes their way. According to People, they both admitted that the negativity is hard to ignore, but Tyga also had some great advice on how to deal with it. Kylie kept on looking through the app to see what questions fans wanted answered during the livestream, but Tyga really focused on how to respond to the haters.

He said that it’s important “to look at the fun things in life,” and was firm that being happy is the way to go. Kylie smiled and “nodded her head” several times to show her agreement as Tyga went on to explain that he thinks people just “feed into the world” negative, false stuff, and there’s no point in paying attention to it.

“As long as you know yourself and you got good people around you and you passionate about what you do, that’s all that matters.”

Jenner and Tyga also let fans know that they “rarely argue,” and when they do, it usually just makes them laugh at themselves.

“If we get mad at each other, we just start laughing.”

They go out for a lot of dinner dates too. Kylie even mentioned that they eat out so often that she’s gained 15 pounds just from their frequent visits Mr. Chow (the Chinese restaurant that’s their favorite) and other Hollywood celebrity hotspot restaurants. Tyga thinks that’s a good thing, and said people “need” junk food in their system.

Kylie may not agree that she needs junk food, but it looks like she definitely agrees with Tyga’s love of food; especially when they share it. “We eat a lot,” she said. “I’ve gained like 15 lbs.”

Mostly Kylie agrees with Tyga’s love for her.

[Image via Ben Gabbe / Stringer / Getty]