Kanye West’s Twitter Rant Blasts In-App Purchases For Kid Games: Ignores Kim Kardashian’s $200 Million In-App ‘Hollywood’ Game Earnings

To hear that Kanye West has gone on a rant isn’t surprising. However, this time Kanye took to Twitter to rant about something that ironically hits close to hime. West’s Twitter account railed against in-app purchases on mobile apps for children. On October 9, Kanye posted a series of tweets that wondered aloud publicly why any game company would place in-app purchases inside a mobile app designed for kids. West even cursed at such firms that would dare to put moneymaking in-app purchases in games made for children as young as two years of age, as reported by Yahoo.

“F*** any game company that puts in-app purchases on kids games!!!”

The ironic thing about Kanye’s rant is that it steps close to the field where his wife makes a ton of money.

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Back when Kim Kardashian was forced to defend the in-app purchases that children could make within her Hollywood app, she said that parents had to be responsible for such purchases happening, reports TODAY. Kim’s sister, Kylie Jenner, had even called Kardashian to complain that she had spent $300 on Kim’s app’s in-app purchases, and wanted cheats to the app. Granted, when the then 17-year-old Kylie was complaining about money spent within apps, she was older than the 2-year-old that West is ranting can too easily spent money every 5 minutes when Kanye and Kim turn over their iPad to North West.

However, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood could be appealing to smart kids younger than teens — and indeed, parents complained that their own kids were spending lots of money via the in-app purchases in the game. The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood offers tons of in-app purchases — some that run as high as $40, reports Time.

In fact, a writer named Ayelet Waldman made plenty of noise across the web when the author of Bad Mother wrote that Kim’s game purchases tricked her kid and caused a $120 bill from Kardashian’s in-app store to occur. That’s when the fallout about in-app purchases began, and Kim warned parents to set certain parental controls.

As a result of the controversy, parents have to be a lot more mindful of which controls come set as standard settings in terms of payment protections and alerts. In-app purchases also come with limits and alerts and other features that it behooves a parent to be aware of prior to handing their 2-year-old an iPad to play away.

Kim’s Hollywood app game, as reported by the Daily Mail, enjoyed an in-app purchases revenue of approximately $200 million — so West is almost preaching to choir. Kardashian’s game lets those who play it try to climb their way up the Hollywood ladder by performing tasks and other actions. However, they can also buy their way through the game by using in-app purchases to get clothing in the game. For those folks who had their credit or debit cards linked to their iTunes account and didn’t know their parental control spending settings, it was a shock to see some of the real charges that came through as a result of their children’s spending.

Some parents tweeted their support of Kanye’s rant. Plenty of people picked up on the irony of Kanye complaining about a feature that his own wife’s game — albeit one not necessarily for kids as young as two — contains.

@joeypurple tweeted: “@kanyewest lol like ur wife’s game? Do u have any idea how much actual $ kids put into #KimKardashianHollywood I’m a fan but this is hypocrisy.”

Others advised Kanye to take his wife’s advice about parents being more responsible with in-app purchases, and to turn on the parental controls so kids couldn’t spend so much money.

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